Realization #138 – Beauty and Approval

How often do we seek approval from others? Sadly many of us value the approval of someone whom hardly ever gives it. We somehow value their approval over someone whom freely demonstrates how wonderful we are; what good we have done, or basically that we are loved unconditionally.

As the old saying goes, “I would never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member..”

In other words, if you accept me, then something is wrong with you, because I am not good enough, and therefore, neither are you…” Sadly, when one is treated in a way that feels we are not valued, if our self-esteem is low, we will often try even harder to get that negative person’s approval.  We do this because we somehow think that if their approval is given sparingly, then somehow it is more valuable and it will mean more to us. The sad truth is that this is really the opposite of what is going on!

One that berates and hardly gives approval is one that not often sees real beauty. And this does not mean in terms of seeing something that pleases the ‘eye.’ It refers to how they look at their world. One either sees the world as ugly or as beautiful; as good or as bad; as frightening or as safe. Therefore, the person who has a negative point of view in general, will not see the beauty in us or our behavior, and will instead, find fault, even though beauty is always present.  It is their perspective that forms their opinion, and unconsciously, they are choosing to block Love, which is always there.  Hence, they will see many things as negative, (in fact, one of  the acronyms for SATAN is Seeing All Things As Negative…as stated by author Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations With God, Book 3).

Others whom see beauty in everything and everywhere are actually seeing the Ultimate Reality of what Really IS. Reason being, there is only God/Love, which is the Ultimate Truth. Sadly those people will oftentimes be taken for granted or mistook as being too easy to please, so to speak. They will not be valued for the unconditional Love and beauty they see in everything…..and in US.

But the truth is this: those whom see beauty everywhere are the ones that must be honored and valued, for they see the REAL person,  as they see LOVE, which is GOD.

As for those who are hard to please? They are asleep Spiritually and therefore, do not see beauty in everything, or hardly at all. They will in time, as all are ‘going Home;’ but for now, let us bless those still asleep on their Spiritual path, and let us value and appreciate those Beings of Light, who see in us,  what they also truly are, which is Love.


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