Realization #14 – Healing


Sitting in a bookstore….a ‘stranger’ comes up to my friend and I, and states to my friend….”do you believe in Angels?….because, you are sitting with one right now…”, and as he makes this statement, he places his hand on my upper back, right in line with my heart. The feeling of overwhelming Love, like a warm blanket enveloped me. I became completely emotional, filled with a peace and euphoria that I have never known, bringing tears of joy and elation to my entire being. I knew he had ‘seen’ me; who I Really Am, and whom we all Really Are…Beings of Light. I had prayed for a healing, and I, at that moment, experienced a complete and total healing. My heart had been broken, and is now restored to complete wellness, wholeness, and completeness; I am healed, and I am grateful.

Angels are everywhere. Spirits walk with us always. The only thing that keeps them ‘invisible’ from us, is Us. ‘I’ve seen Spirits…I’ve seen Angels; I have seen beauty, both wondrous and beautiful’ (Tracy Chapman, taken in part from her song, ‘Heaven is here on Earth’)…there are truly Angels and messengers that bring us something to ‘show us the way;’ to remind us that we really are ‘always in Heaven; always Home…’ To help us when we feel lost, hurt, scared, or alone. They are always there, they are always available, they are here as a present from God, the Universe…Love.

We are all “Angels”…Spirits, having a human experience….to have ‘human’ experiences; we are meant to enjoy our life here in a physical structure, but to remember our ‘true’ connection, with the All That Is…God, which is Love….how does this occur? All going back to, once again…Gratitude. Right before this happened, I was stating to my friend how Grateful I was for a certain situation that had recently occurred in my life. I felt complete and grateful peace. And I had asked for this healing a short time before it came to be.

The ‘stranger’ disappeared from that store, as quickly as he had appeared.
…..and that is what it means, to be in this world, but not of it. For all of it….I am truly so grateful!

Many Blessings!

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