Realization #139 – Love and Awakening

As we Love, we (become privy to) the knowledge and the wisdom of all; as we Love all, we BECOME all, in that we are consciously connected through our Spirit/Energy. Even though we are always connected (as we are all One), the difference is that once we Love all, our connection is made manifest, i.e., we become awake to that unity.  We are then conscious of it, and when that occurs, all wisdom of the ages and all experiences become ours.  Please note: this is not on an individual level, but on a level of collective consciousness.  When this occurs, you will know it, as you will feel completely elated, joyful, and also could not hurt anyone, for one will then see all as who they REALLY are, which is that they are US.

It is not so much remembering, but a CONNECTION MADE CONSCIOUS!  This awakening of being connected, brings about a Unity that produces us to experience the complete Loving Power of God, meaning we become consciously awake to  the Universe working through us, (as it always does) but this time, we are fully aware of it! Why does it work through us? Because we ARE THAT UNIVERSE. When this occurs, we sometimes use the term “Christed,’ to explain what we are then consciously having become transformed into; basically speaking, WE ARE AWAKE; awake to our true nature…our true God Self….contained in physicality, but not of it. Never are the words now so crystal clear as Jesus’s statement, ‘….Be in the World, but not of it….’  (for more information on this subject, view ‘Enjoy the Ride,’ by Frank Daly.

Being in this state of  consciousness, we are then Loving all, and when that occurs, manifestation is effortless. WE are completely in a state of Loving peace and harmony, for what other state on a natural level, is there? For there IS ONLY LOVE. We are then a physical entity, but completely aware of our connection not only to ALL, but AS ALL!  Experiencing this knowledge AS ALL, is what some call NIRVANA.  The ascension and decension is nothing more than a transcending….meaning as our vibration changes, a new dimension that is HERE NOW (HEAVEN/The New Earth) appears, and we then experience THAT!  We can then ascend and descend at will!

We are all there already…it is just a decision to open up as Love, and to Love All. This awareness brings us that clarity and this transformation is then made manifest; in other words, consciously experienced in our reality.

This is the teaching of every Master whom has ever walked the Planet, which basically states, ‘…all you need is Love..’

Love Self and Love all As Self, for there is no other, but ONE….

…and all of us are THAT!



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