Realization #140 – Being An Empath

Recently it appears that so much information has been published on being an Empath; it seems to have become the new ‘in’ word, when basically all it really is doing is giving a label to the ability to feel. The truth is this: we are all Empaths; all feeling Beings, for we are God, it’s just that some block this natural state, through fear.

Feeling involves emotions, and many do not wish to go there. Painful memories lead to emotions and feelings that many do not wish to address, so blocking is one way to defend ourselves from feeling.

Empathy places us in a position to feel another’s pain, and how can we do that, when often we cannot even stand to feel our own? What is the solution to ‘re-membering (becoming a member once again) of the connection to the All that Is, which is God/Universe/Love? (for more information on this subject, please view the Conversations With God trilogy, by Neale Donald Walsch).

Moreover, how can we expect to BE empathic to others when so often we do not even display that for ourselves?

It is much more loving and simple to view Empathy as connection. We connect when we feel safe; we disconnect sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of habit, but always from neglect. Somehow our connection to someone was neglected (usually by another individual) and we close off so as not to feel the disconnect any longer. Sadly, those that close off are always in a state of being disconnected, and it becomes comfortable but not in the sense of contentment; rather a settling into a pattern. An analogy would be as one sits on ones’ leg and it falls asleep; for a while we may not feel anything, and then when trying to get up and walk, one can hardly stand on the leg.

Disconnect is like that; it may seem ok for a while, but it’s hard to stand alone without feeling eventually it’s difficult to even go on. True disconnect can even sometimes lead to suicide in extreme cases. No one that ever felt connected committed suicide.

On another level, new information reveals that all addictions come from a lack of connection. How else could it be? If one feels disconnect, they withdraw, and drugs/alcohol provide some temporary relief from feeling disconnected and alone in the world. However, the truth is everywhere; in every book and lecture that every Master has even written or said: we are never disconnected from our Source, which is the energy of Love; some call this energy God. It is US and we are THAT.

That knowing will produce an AWARENESS of a connection that never dies, for it/we are eternal, sacred, magnificent Beings of the Universe and to be Empathic only means we are allowing who We Really Are to be made manifest in this physical form, through only one Source….Love.  (For more information on this subject, please view Neale Donald Walsch’s book, ‘Conversation With God, Book 1).

Empathy therefore is another aspect of God, expressed.

To be an Empath is not a talent that some have and others do not; rather it is a choice to let go of the fear that is blocking this gift that we all are, which is Love.

As the Christ said, ‘….be a light onto the darkness, so that all may see…’

Empathy is that Light.


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