Realization #142 – Loss and Pivoting

Discouraged? Heart-broken? Shocked at someone whom you thought would always be there for you, and seems so alien you hardly recognize them? How do we handle that? When these situations arise, it can be so hard…so challenging to go through. We remember all the Love that was there and wonder (if already aware that we bring to ourselves EVERYTHING) what were we thinking??? And most importantly….What were we FEELING?  We must remember foremost before anything else that we did nothing wrong in terms of our thoughts and feelings; we are where we are in our own evolution, and everything is for our grander good.  It is all a process, so to speak, and most importantly a grand and glorious opportunity to display and experience who we REALLY ARE, which is a Spirit, having a human experience.  And what we wish to BE in relation to it all, is the whole purpose of any relationship, whether platonic or romantic.

But we do all understand that there is pain, and how to address this ‘opportunity,’ as it sure doesn’t feel like that when it is going on, does it!?

We must first address the feeling from all these negative emotions brought about by what we perceive as someone else’s actions; it ultimately brings about a feeling of LOSS. We feel empty, alone, and sadly; hence, very unloved. Unity seems shattered, as does hope of it ever being better, or that feeling of connection ever restored.

What DO we DO? It is more a question of what do we wish to BE about all of it! So many offer encouragement such as it will pass; give it time, and probably the one we fear to hear the most, which is that we just must accept that things changed. How hard it is to hear that or conceive that it will never be the same again?

Neale Donald Walsch wrote several wonderful books, ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything.’ and ‘Home With God,’ Basically, it is offered that Change is ALWAYS GOOD, no exceptions to this rule. Change is growth; change is evolution, and thus, Change is LIFE.

I no longer believe that we must heal from anything, as if one looks closely, VERY CLOSELY at EVERYTHING, there is nothing to heal because we cannot truly ever be damaged. It is all an illusion coming from a perception of how we CHOOSE to view any situation we may find hurtful.

Is change necessary? Absolutely! It is the one constant…truly a Divine Dichotomy, as change must happen for us to grow AND, it is the only thing that we can truly depend on. Consequently, that is where we find our Peace.

Whatever is happening in our life, we must embrace it; no matter how painful;  it is leading us somewhere, and that place is evolution. Even being hurt, we are to remember, no one can experience forgiveness, unless there is someone to forgive. (From another wonderful book by Walsch, ‘The Little Soul and the Sun‘).

Moving forward is just that…we must MOVE; move in the direction of our dreams; choose JOY, no matter where we are or with whom. We will eventually experience another change; a change that will bring hope, peace, and always Love.

It just is the way it is, as there is really only Love. We sometimes can pinch ourselves off from it pretty well, but it is always there, as the Sun sits behind a cloud. Wait for that ‘cloud to pass;’ never give up hope, for remember, change is always good, and truly Loss once again will transform into gain.

That is Universal law; for as Issac Newton, the great physicist stated, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, wait for that opposite reaction from the change and the pain that has happened, to occur.

Change IS always good! Embrace that, and fear, pain, sadness WILL transform. Remember to recognize the pain; that usually is all it takes to move away from it. Pivot your emotions during this trial by asking oneself, what one truly desires,  and focus on that. (Information from Abaham-Hicks)

The transform will and always does eventually occur.


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