Realization #143 – Aging

Aging; a process we create because we think that is just how it has to be.

How can we not? We see aging everywhere; from our parents, peers; even our pets; everything appears to age.

We watch trees get larger; homes showing wear and tear; cars depreciating, and any other material/physical creation we may observe.

But what is aging? Some call it a process that is ‘natural;’ that it is inevitable; others address the chemical structure of why, and most basically just accept it as what it appears to be; a mystery.

I have watched many people grow old (both physically and emotionally) and what really strikes me is how so many either ‘age’ before their time, or seemingly stay emotionally immature! Very few age ‘well,’ or just not at all!

Some don’t even seem to age in that they behave the same as when they were young in years. I know of one friend I met in 1974, when I was in college, back almost 41 years ago and I can see the physical changes somewhat, but the Spirit; that laugh and the glimmer in his eyes cannot hide that the person I met back such a long time ago is and always will be, truly timeless. It is our nature; when we see the TRUTH of who we Really are, that is when we see the Spirit, which is the TRUTH OF US ALL!

Yes, we may gather wisdom; certainly life experiences, and some heartaches to go along with that life experience; life may impact us somewhat, but is that really what it means to age? Physically perhaps, however, the Spirit is still strong, youthful, vibrant, and wise…AGELESS; for truly we are all timeless.

It has been stated that with age comes wisdom, but that is not always true either. I have witnessed many whom are older, but none the wiser; behaving as if still in high school, playing childish mind game, as if they had all the time in the world. And sadly, still afraid to give, afraid to let go; still living as if they had just ‘arrived.’ And then, it’s all suddenly over.

So really, what is aging? Maybe the best way to look at it, to perceive aging, is not to give it a thought at all! We are not speaking of resistance, for that will just keep ‘aging,’ in place. Rather, why not look at it straight on, seeing through it for what it is, which is an ILLUSION.

Remember, illusions can be seen, but are not real, as nothing IS real but an all Loving Energy, called God/Love/Source/All That IS/The Great I AM. Aging is therefore an illusion as is everything else we see with the naked eye.

This is not an argument for giving up on people and situations if you feel stuck or if you feel that since it’s all an illusion, why try? Rather let us choose to view people and situations with new eyes; to perceive them as more than they are appearing to be will only produce that result; It will only serve to enhance our experience of them, and of Life; for as we perceive everything and everyone as MORE, so shall they become THAT.

If one chooses, Aging can be thought of as a process of enhancing the life experience; for to age brings WISDOM, SERENITY, COURAGE, and most importantly, if choosing it to be perceived as an opportunity, it CAN be used also to decide and declare who we wish to be in one’s HIGHEST, GRANDEST VISION AND GREATEST VERSION ONE EVER HAD OF ONESELF; it is an opportunity to enhance LOVE; both Love of Self and of others.

The kindest and most beneficial way to look at life is to realize that all of us are aging, but to decide to perceive it differently and positively.  And how would that be?  One way that is both useful, fun, and life enhancing is to choose to perceive ourselves and others as ‘the Wisdom Gatherers.’ We are all THAT! We come onto this planet for to experience LIFE, and we usually start with such anticipation; ripe with enthusiasm, and longing for experience! Somewhere around 45-60, many lose their passion, and settle for so much less, whether it be regarding a relationship, career, or just for life in general. (excerpt in part from ‘Conversations With God, Book 1, Neale Donald Walsch) And isn’t that what aging is truly all about as most view it; one that has lost the drive and passion to live?

It is said we all have to ‘age,’ but that usually means that we are expected to eventually give up on life; to no longer find the joy and laughter; the beauty in Love.

That never should never, nor does it ever have to be that outcome experienced.

And as always, it is a choice we all get to make.

So, let’s end with this question; a good question that will help stop ‘aging’ in it’s tracks:
(at least in the heart and mind)

How old would YOU be IF you didn’t know how old you were?


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