Realization #144 – Self-Centered

I read in Neale Donald Walsch’s book, ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’ that blessed are the Self-Centered, for they shall know God, and at first I could not understand; how could that possibly be true? That statement went against everything that we are taught!

I started to ponder the thought he then suggested in his book, which was:

What if everything we thought was true, was not? And what if everything we thought was not true, was?

What would happen to our reality as we know it?

What I believe would occur would be a shift in our perspective, and that would change EVERYTHING! It would most likely produce a sudden awareness; but what does this all have to do with being Self-Centered? EVERYTHING! For It is all about focusing on Self. So often we are focused on the other; what is the other being, doing, having? What is the other wanting, needing, desiring?

What happens to ourSELVES? We somehow lose who we are when in a relationship, because somehow we thought we would become MORE! Instead, we become LESS; less fulfilled, less capable and oftentimes, feeling less loved. (also from Neale’s same book mentioned above)

Self-Centeredness can be looked upon as being very selfish and not caring about others, but that is NOT how it is to be understood or used in this context. Self-Centeredness in the highest sense, is to be centered on Self. What is SELF BEING in relation to a certain situation? Is Self being Love or fear? For there is no other question that ever needs to be answered. If one decides to be Love, everything heals and is resolved, whether we stay in a relationship or leave; in whatever decision we make about ANYTHING!

As Mr. Walsch states in ‘Conversation With God, Book 1,’ the question comes up with this: If deciding with Love, who is the Love for? We have been taught that it is to Love the other; to sacrifice oftentimes our dignity, integrity, even our joy for the beloved other. But this is NOT Love, for it is not love of SELF, and one cannot Love anyone, if they do not even Love themselves!

Many will use this information of it being ok to be self-centered to justify wrongful deeds, whatever one may see as wrong. But when deciding from the HIGHEST statement of Being Love, ungodly acts never are conceived of, nor done. And why is this true? It is because the Love of Self becomes the Love for another, for we are ALL ONE.

The point of this text is to identify what Self-Centeredness really is, in the purest sense. It is actually the ONLY WAY TO TRULY LIVE…Every Master knows this and has done so. Always deciding what they wished to be, and then choosing LOVE.

In our highest, grandest, and greatest version and vision of ourselves, isn’t it really the most loving way to always come from a place of being Centered In Self, which IS LOVE, and to BE that Love that we all are; to come from a place of THAT when interacting with OTHERS!? Can you think of any other way to really live?

Therefore, as Neale Donald Walsh wrote, blessed are the Self Centered, for they shall know God.

In other words, they will then see GOD in all, for there IS ONLY GOD.


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