Realization #167 – Healing from Sickness






So much information on the human body and how to heal it. Our society looks upon the human body as separate from US, in that it has nothing to do with our Soul.

The error in this thought is that we are 3 in 1; we are Mind, Body, and Spirit, and according to what has been written in a book called ‘Conversations with God, Book 1,’ by Neale Donald Walsch, the Soul sits idly by, allowing the Mind and Body to ‘have their way;’ reason being, that the Mind and Body are temporary, whereas the Soul, is eternal. Therefore, the Soul allows this, because it knows that it realistically has all ‘the time in the world,’ (that is, IF there really was anything such as time that existed!), but the mind and body will someday come to an end, so it allows them to have their way…for a time, a life-time.

What has this got to do with sickness and death? Everything! It has now been proven by science that if the body is left to itself, free of harmful drugs/medications, exercised, and free of poisons disguised as ‘food,’ such as GMO’s pesticides, etc., the body will heal itself; it has that ability.

When someone is sick with a disease, it is because that individual has been carrying an emotion (energy in motion) that has caused an imbalance and a blockage in the energy centers of the body, called Chakras. Once they are out of balance for a time, the energy blockage will start an affect on the body that causes illness.

Once the body has fallen ill, good nutrition will help it survive while it is repairing. However, if the body is instead, filled with harmful drugs that our allopathic doctors call ‘medicine,’ the body will weaken, making it much more difficult to heal. And even if the body does heal, it will return to illness if the emotion that caused it is not corrected.

Combining poor nutrition, medicine, and not changing the emotions or thoughts that caused the disease in the first place, will make it almost impossible to recover. Instead, most often, merely a delay to death is all that is achieved with this method.

There is however a better way. Amazingly so, even IF the body is riddled with poisonous substances, found in medicine, and given a poor diet without any exercise, the body will still do what it can to keep that person alive! Such is the miracle of God!

The inevitable outcome to all this is that after so much suffering (as the person is just not feeling well enough to enjoy life), they will quietly decide, within their own private thoughts, whether it is consciously chosen, or subconsciously, to end the pain and poor quality of life, and they give up. We are not speaking of suicide, although that option and choice has occurred in many. However, at this writing we are speaking of the will to live declining to a point that brings death.

They may say they wish to live, and that is true; they wish to live in a healthy state; in a healthy body. And when they feel this is no longer possible, their thoughts of wanting it to end, causes the body to give up; to stop healing, and death/transition occurs.

The best way to stop illness is the following:

First, and most importantly, look for the feeling and thoughts that you have now, and have had just before you got sick. Look deeply into Self, and do all you can to correct this feeling. It could be anger, grief, depression, or any other negative thought and feeling you have been carrying for quite some time. If you cannot do this yourself, seek help, either through a Counselor, or Spiritual teacher.

Secondly, do all you can to change your diet to pure foods that are rich in nutrition, and free of all chemicals, hormones, etc. Lastly, find someway to keep your body moving, whether it’s yoga, stretching, or just plain walking, swimming or moving your legs and arms. Meditation is important as it will keep your thoughts away from worry and stress.

Above all else, know that you are always being taken good care of, and watch for proof of that by whom comes into your life, and whom may leave.

Finally, remember that even if you are to pass on, it is a transcending, rather than a death; that we are all the most Sacred Energy, called Love, and that this Energy never dies, it merely transforms.


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