Realization #146- Unanswered Prayers




The devil fools with the best laid plans…’

How many times have we thought, we had it all going our way, but something happened and it didn’t work out as planned? The ‘devil fools with the best laid plans,’ is an old quotation for that which represents the thought of when things don’t work out, and we just cannot figure out why; hence, some blame something ‘sinister,’ such as a ‘devil,’ for messing things up when we planned so carefully.

This concept not only stops us from taking responsibility for ourselves, but worst yet, it keeps us powerless, supporting a feeling that there is just nothing we can do about it, because it’s someone else’s fault, and we cannot control them or that situation!

In truth, there is ‘no devil,’ except in our thoughts that something outside of us is causing a problem for us.

For discussions purpose, let us for this moment look at this quotation in a different context: why not perceive the notion that when things don’t go according to plan it is representative of our own Higher Self protecting us from what really wouldn’t be the Highest and Best outcome for us. Usually and eventually we ‘see’ why it was good for us that whatever we had originally planned didn’t workout; and that is usually when we THEN say, instead of ‘the devil fools with the best laid plans, we will say, “God was taking good care of me for THAT not to happen!

This could come in the form of not marrying that person, not investing money into a certain company, etc…..sort of like, “thank God for unanswered prayers…” That quote is the same thing, in that what we feel is the best plan, or pray for something we wish would make us happy, many times really doesn’t. And when we do not get it, we blame the ‘devil,’ for messing it all up, or we blame God, for not answering our prayers; that is at first, until we see the ‘big picture,’ and we then realize that it was a blessing it didn’t happen at all!  That is where the term, ‘thank God for Unanswered Prayers,’ originated!

What if it is all just a matter of our own personal Guidance System, (Our Higher Self, God, Universe, The Great I Am, etc.) taking good care of us, instead?
When we thank God/Universe/All That Is for taking good care of us, isn’t that all the gratitude we really need to express? Doesn’t every Master know this? Isn’t that why a Master is always calm and happy no matter what is happening? It is because they know that whatever happens is the Highest and Best for their own personal evolution and the evolution of All, and that it is all sent to them, by THEM (their Higher Self) for only GOOD.

With this realization, can there really be a ‘devil’ ever fooling with the best laid plan? No, or course not! There is only Good; and if something doesn’t happen that we think we have the perfect plan for, it really means it’s not really ‘the best laid plan!’

What is really happening, is that there is something better that we must decide (yes, that is, to CHOOSE) to trust that we are being given opportunities endlessly; to evolve into the Highest, Grandest, Greatest Version and Vision we ever had of ourselves; (for more information, please read ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’ by Neale Donald Walsch) and that no one can neither destroy our ‘best laid plan,’ nor can prayers ever go unanswered…not when God is on our side; for truly God is on everyone’s side, always, in all ways; for there is only God/Universe…Love.


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