Realization #149 – Focus

The Ascension for all is here now; no one is left behind. We are closer to the All becoming One again! Such is to celebrate! And yet, many view what is happening on our Dear Mother Earth, and with those whom inhabit this planet as negative. The Media paint a dark future and yet, that is only one way to perceive and focus.

We create. We are both the created and the Creator; which means that we get what we desire if we focus on THAT positive outcome, AND we get what we DO NOT WANT if we focus on what we don’t. Reason being that we get what we FOCUS on all the time, and that is all there is to it!

We do not always get what we want because first of all, if you are in want of it, the Universe takes that literally to mean you are in the experience of WANTING it, not HAVING it…and so you keep getting THAT experience, which is the experience of wanting, but not having. We will always get what we FOCUS on, both bad and good!

Secondly, you may not get what you wish for, because even though it is something you would like, you may also be thinking, (and actually focusing) on all the ways it cannot happen.  And more indirectly, feeling that you cannot figure out how it could happen. With that thought your focus on that ‘it cannot happen’ is what you experience, which results in once again, not getting your desired outcome.

Lastly, you may wish for it, but FEEL you do not deserve it, or that it would be too much effort, or feelings of how can it possibly happen? This feeling just keeps one wanting it but not the experience of having it either.

The simple truth is this: focusing on ANYTHING will bring it to you, including things you do not want or fear.

How to stop your thoughts and feelings from doubt, negativity and fear? Start to think about how and why you carry those negative thoughts. Are they REALLY your OWN? Or are they learned behavior (things you have heard or been told)?

The first and really only step to begin is to start to UNLEARN your beliefs; for beliefs are just thoughts one thinks over and over again, until they become a belief. Strive for stillness; listening to your heart/intuition. And remember, any decision that is based in fear, will lead to more experiences to fear. A wonderful book to ‘unlearn,’ our ‘programmed thinking,’ is ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,‘ by Neale Donald Walsh.

If you find yourself feeling that you cannot achieve this fearlessness, affirm that you are FREE OF FEAR. State it; declare it; ask for assistance to the Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels; whomever you feel comfortable calling, and they must come in the form of assistance. It is Universal Law.

Remember we create everything with our thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, focus on what you wish for, and not what you do not wish to experience.

All are blessed this new year, 2016. And that focus is all that is necessary for all good to begin for everyone!  It already has!


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