Realization #148 -LOVE AND RELIGION

Holidays…traditions…religions…Love; you would think they were meaning all the same thing, but human kind has separated them somehow.
No one is allowed, or rather feels free to express their joy in celebrating something that they grew up with…their traditions. We are all so worried about offending someone, that no one is considering how uncomfortable it may feel to down play, not express, nor share any joy in their own holiday. So worried is everyone in offending, that the biggest offense is not being true to Self. To be Christian and feel awkward to wish someone a Merry Christmas; to be Jewish and not feel comfortable to say, “Happy Hanukkah;” to be Muslim and feel scared and/or victimized for being that, due to some population whom are Muslim using their religion for justifying ungodly deeds.
There is joy in the holidays; in traditions, and yes, especially when religion is used for what in the highest form it was meant to do….to bring people together. All are blessed…it does not matter how one celebrates; if it is done with joy and Love, all religions, traditions and holidays have a rightful place, and no one must be offended if that person wishes to express their joy in saying, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any other way to spread cheer and joy.
The truth is that there is only ONE; whether you honor that ONE ENERGY, called Love, God, Allah, Buddha, in whatever way you choose, the point is that we honor and value each other through our religious beliefs.
With Love and Blessings to All….Let us Celebrate Life, which in the highest form, celebrates each other….and ourselves; there truly is only One Being, sitting here, split into billions upon billions of countless Souls…and WE ARE THAT!
From my Personal Tradition…I wish all a Very Merry Christmas; To All whom celebrate in their own Traditions that may differ from mine, I wish you the most Blessed, Peaceful, and Happy Holiday!

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