Realization #152 – Vibration

Everything is Vibration, which leads to a frequency.

Now the interesting part is that we are always vibrating, and every emotion (which is energy IN motion) sets off a certain vibrational frequency, and that frequency catches/matches other frequencies that are the same…other vibrations can also match that and start vibrating to a certain frequency…sort of like joining in a choir and adjusting your vocal chords to match the sound they are producing. When they match, and others of the same ‘vibrational frequency’ continue to match, they produce an ‘outcome,’ or what we call our ‘reality.’

Healing is based on the same principle. An example would be if one was having eye problems. As we literally speak, ‘I see the world with Loving eyes, ‘ this thought, turns into an emotion, in this case positive, and that emotion has a ‘vibrational frequency.’ The eye will literally start to match that positive frequency on a molecular/sub-atomic and quantum level, and start ‘matching’ that thought…(Of seeing the world so lovingly and clearly)’ hence a healing occurs.

Herbs have their own vibrational frequency but can only go so far to heal, for even if they affect the cells ‘frequency,’ for a time and produce a healing, it is only temporary if the EMOTION of the patient starts vibrating, let’s say, in a negative way. The vibration will eventually affect the cells, and they will what we call produce a ‘relapse’ into illness.

The foundation to this is that All is first thought, which produces our FEELINGS; these feelings produce an emotion, which sets off a certain frequency, and most amazingly, and yet so subtly, all these vibrations, are basically Energy, a most Loving Energy, which some call God.

Therefore, all is Energy, which is Love; Love is our true source of healing and, hence……All IS God.

There is ONLY GOD.  And with that, be at Peace.

Many blessings!

For more information on this subject, please read ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne.

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