Realization #153 – Courage


I once heard that the true definition of ‘Courage’ is to be afraid, but to do it anyway.

For myself, that quotation always helped me, because many times when I was afraid, I became upset with myself  with self-critizing thoughts for feeling that fear.  I didn’t understand about fear and how it oftentimes will spur us on to actually face life situations out of a commitment to be ‘unafraid.’ (How many children do something on a dare, just to show they are ‘brave?’ )  Adults also do this.

I also did not know that feeling fear was just focusing on False Evidence Appearing Real. (Conversations with God Series, by Neale Donald Walsch). And that it was ok to feel it, as long as I reminded myself that it literally cannot turn into anything, unless I keep giving it (the fear) that attention.

I remember long ago, I was asked by my late husband, Frank, when we were dating, what was I most afraid of. He wanted to know about me, and somehow the way he asked, I knew it was to help protect me from whatever it was. I told him at that time that I was afraid of being sick, and to my heart and soul’s joyful delight, he responded with, ‘don’t ever fear that, because I would take care of you.’

My fear disappeared from that moment on, even after it came to pass that it was I who took care of him, as he was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks after that talk. He lived 13 years, and I have realized so many things about myself, life, and about courage from him.  What I believe I have realized the most is that it is important to recognize what we are afraid of, and in that way, can come to a place of courage to face it.

I am eternally grateful; for if ever there was a man who was fillled with Courage, it was he.

And now presently, I look at the world, and see so many courageous individuals. In actuality we are all so brave to have even decided to incarnate on this Planet Earth at this specific time in our evolution!

The fact that each one of us have decided to be here, is courageous enough.  And just because we sometimes are afraid of whatever we may be confronting both personally and on a global level, to address that fear is the start of having the courage to walk through it.

We must know and live the truth that we all ARE on a path to Becoming the Grandest, Greatest Version and Vision we ever had about ourselves. And to be here, facing everything going on and still with hope, Love and kindness (which IS always a CHOICE to BE that…and by the way,  I DO see and experience courageousness from so many individuals, communities, cultures, etc.), I know that only good will come from all of this.

We are all evolutionizing, transforming, and creating situations to make that outcome happen, and at least in the long run even though it may not seem that way at face value, everything is unfolding as it should towards are own Enlightenment and Evolution!

There IS only Love; fear serves it’s purpose to help create a relative field from which we get to choose everything, and Courage is one of those positive feelings, that when magnified it will produce an experience and expression of Love. It can be in the form of merely self- expression, or can be even pushed to the point of sacrificing one’s own life, in saving someone else’s life, as heroes often do. It can also be used to save one’s own life from quiet desperation, abuse, or simply becoming courageous enough to look at oneself with Love.

See yourself and all others in that way, and only good will manifest.

It is Universal Law.

For as in the ‘Science of Getting Rich,’ (which was actually the book that inspired Rhonda Bryne to write ‘The Secret,’ it states (paraphrased): ‘There is a thinking stuff, that when man with his thoughts and feelings, visualizes what he wants, it imprints, and produces that which he visualizes as his experience…’

This also goes for feeling Courageous;  for it helps with the manifestation of that outcome you may wish to make real in your reality, as it unblocks and allows Love.

Think only of what you wish for, not any of which you do not. As is the case right now, with our election in the United States coming this November, so many candidates get elected by default (as stated in ‘The Secret’) because the opponent is getting all the attention (energy).

Therefore, the wisest, and kindest thing we can do for ourselves, and all others, is to think only of what we wish for, not what we do not, in every way, and watch our life change for the betterment of all.

Be Courageous enough to think and feel only GOOD, and all else will manifest to that highest choice!

Many Blessings!

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