Realization #155 – Belief and Creation


How many are told that our thoughts create our reality? Well that is correct…..and yet not quite accurate in it’s entirety, for as we think, those thoughts come from somewhere. We can say they are based on our feelings, and that too is accurate and a great Truth, but where do our feelings come from? One may think they just ‘are.’

If one goes back to the beginning, before we were aware of our feelings and then our thoughts, (as they do come in that order through our emotions), it becomes a wonderful realization to discover that it is really our BELIEFS that is a key factor in this whole process in creating our reality.

When we first enter into this incarnation, we come with certain beliefs…even before we ‘arrive.’ They are the sum of all we have evolved to through our own ‘journey’ as we go into many experiences of life. We may however, not remember them, but they do shape our perception to some extent AND our responses to outside stimuli.

It matters not the form or the experience, but we do have beliefs that have been stored in our ‘memory/genes. Our genes/dna are nothing more than pure energy which have adjusted to a vibration so that they may be visible, producing the body we now have,  and moving around in to experience life.

Is it any wonder that we hear the words of Spiritual Teachers, (and it just sometimes seems so hard) as we read and listen to many whom are stressing to us to change our thoughts? At times, it seems IMPOSSIBLE, as our thoughts are our thoughts, right?! But looking deeper, if we decide to go into our BELIEFS; well now we have a plan!

By examining our beliefs, we will recognize how our thoughts appear, seemingly out of nowhere! They arrive usually through others whom we have been experiencing life, and usually they are the ones who were here first! We then naturally respect their ‘viewpoint.’ Hearing someone’s opinion, and especially when they seem so ‘sure’ about how ‘right’ or ‘true’ what they have to say is, we tend to value their beliefs, adopting them as our own. How many beliefs are actually yours and yours alone? How many of your beliefs are in fact brought about only by you? Probably none, or if some, not many.  And sadly, we often choose to believe someone’s else opinions and beliefs even when we don’t agree or respect them…that is how easily and innocent we appear at times!

Our beliefs also are based on what we hear, what we see, feel, touch, etc., in other words, by our 5 senses. But the world is made up of so much more, and so are we! Many work only from their 5 senses, and because of that, the world looks very ‘real.’ This illusion can take on a nightmarish quality, or a Heavenly one, all depending on our perception and perspective.

Our observation/awareness forms our beliefs and that leads to forming our perception, which leads to our perspective of life. We then feel what we feel (emotions) based on that (which sets our vibration), and our thoughts materialize, producing our life experience.

So let’s back track; belief is basically and can be thought of as the ‘first thought.’ It is the ‘Sponsoring Thought,’ (as Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his wonderful book, ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’). So, how to change our beliefs?

We must first examine them. How do they serve us? What do we get from that particular belief? Do we feel Love or fear? What other lesser emotions does that belief draw from our psyches? Guilt, remore, etc., or joy, Love, and peace? And what thoughts come from THOSE feelings? For remember, as we think those thoughts, our reality starts to take shape.

We are Spirit, having a life experience as Human, for a little while. What we wish to BE in relation to all these beliefs, situations, feelings, and actually all of life,  is our choice. And what we decide to BE is in the LONG RUN, always Divine, for it all leads back to Source, and in that moment of whatever we decide to be, we must remember, that it really is ALL GOOD, for it is our path to evolve and become enlightened,  for that IS the Joy of LIFE!

In examining our beliefs which is necessary in order to change our feelings and our thoughts,  will help to change our reality!

It is what all Masters know, and decide to Be…CONSCIOUSLY creating!

Many Blessings!

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