Realization #157 – Belief Systems and Paradigms

(This is the next step in creating Reality; please read the previous information of Realization #155 regarding beliefs below to have a better understanding of this article.)

Paradigms are basically a program in our Subconscious. They are considered a ‘mental program;’ a BELIEF that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior, and ALMOST ALL of our behavior IS habitual.

A Paradigm controls our Perception. And through our perception, we use our time, get in touch with our creativity, experience our effectiviveness, our productivity, use logic, and control our ability to earn/create money.

In other words, the Paradigm we all carry (and it is different for all of us) controls our vibration.

We choose thoughts that match the Paradigm we carry, and those thoughts keep us in the same vibration.

Studying Quantum Physics, and remembering Einstein’s statement, “Everything is Energy; match the frequency (with your vibration) of the reality you want, and you cannot help but GET it! There can be no other way; this is not philosophy, this is physics…’ Searching for a deeper level of understanding and knowing how to apply it, through our feelings which produces our vibration, we create our reality CONSCIOUSLY, and thus, our life opportunites. We can create life as both challenging or joyful; the choice is always up to us.

Several years ago, there became a new thought movement that our thoughts create our reality, and while this is so, there is more to it than that. What most writers did not give information on at that time is this: it is our PARADIGM that influences our thoughts, and FEELINGS, and through that, our vibration is set, creating our life. That is why so many people have misunderstood and misinterpret the message, AND why also so many do not believe our thoughts do create our reality. It is because to just try to change our thoughts is so challenging at best. Most people give up or disbelieve this information because it is not clearly explained or understood. There is a deeper level of information to manifest than just changing our ‘thoughts.’

So getting back to creation, let’s look at a Paradigm. It basically goes back to our basic beliefs. And where do we get these beliefs we have? Usually from our domestication in how we are raised. We come into this life in a state of some call “amnesia.’ We don’t remember where from we came, and therefore have the experience of life as something very pure, fresh, and untouched with past thoughts of another time. This provides a very pure experience, as an artist with a clean, white, and new canvas.

Our beliefs are mostly based on what others have told us as THEIR ‘truth,’ and we have for the most part, taken and adopted their beliefs as ours. But how many of our beliefs are really just our own, free of any outside influence? If you really examine your own personal beliefs, you will discover that probably not many are originally your own in that they come solely just from you.

If your life is not as you wish, it may be time to look at your beliefs. For that is how we change our Paradigm. The first and most important question in changing any belief is this: how many of our beliefs actually serve you? How many are producing happiness, peace, and Love? How many have produced what you desire in life? There are many Paradigms, and remember, in them are beliefs about money, our ability to logically look at a situation, managing our activities, etc.

The first step in changing our Paradigm, is to ask oneself, to really THINK, what are my beliefs and do they serve me (meaning am I happy and experiencing the life I really wish to have)?

If they do not serve you, we all have the power to change our minds, literally….to change and choose a different way to think and believe. Once we change our beliefs, our Paradigm will change. Once that Paradigm changes, we will change our feelings, and with that, change our thoughts, thus changing and creating a different and more joyful reality.

My information comes in part from viewing a video on, which helped me to know and develop a deeper undertanding in how we manifest our reality; our life situations, opportunities, etc.

It was conducted by Bob Proctor, giving information in part in basically shifting Paradigms, and I encourage all to view it. There are many videos by this writer that are available on this subject, and I encourage you to take some time to view them.

Many Blessings for creating a most wonderful life filled with Joy, Peace, and Love, Always in All Ways!

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