Realization #158 – DISEASE (DIS-EASE)





We are all afraid to be diagnosed with a disease. We feel it threatens everything we are, making life hard and painful.

It is natural to feel this way. We all wish to continue our good health; in order to be free of disease, we must realize how it manifests.

The first ‘thought’ or feeling that begins a disease is to be in a state of ‘DIS- EASE.’ In other words, to not be AT EASE. Emotions such as feelings of being DIS-heartened, DIS-couraged, DIS-appointed, DIS-missed, DIS-contented, etc., all lead to DIS-ease….disease.

Feelings are everything. We often dismiss them, hide them from others and from ourselves; cover them up, self medicate (in the forms of alcohol and with both legal and illegal drugs), to not feel them, deal with them, etc., but they are STILL THERE. How do we know that?  Because they come back.

Feelng powerless, hopeless, and feeling what’s the use, are all forms that also bring an outcome of disease, for these feelings also put us in a state of ‘not at ease.’

In our true and natural state of Being, we are Pure Love; that is our vibration and the energy we are. We are God/Love/Energy in physical form, expressing and experiencing in this dimension as a human…. for a little while.

When we feel these feelings of ‘not at ease,’ there are several ways to turn this around and feel good.

The first thing is to address why we may be feeling ill at ease. We can blame others for our negative emotions and feelings. We can expect them to ‘make us feel better,’ but the truth is we actually do have all the power to change how we feel. It may not feel that way, but it is the TRUTH of our BEING. No one can do anything to us (metaphysically speaking) that we do not allow. I realize that this is a big step to acknowledge, but it is TRUTH. We may not consciously be aware of this, but nevertheless, we are responsible for everything in our life and how we choose to experience it.

So to start feeling better is often difficult, and you may ask how can I do this? How can I feel good when I do feel so bad?

Always the first step is to DECIDE. A conscious decision to feel good is essential. It is all a matter of choice and discipline. If you feel you do not have this discipline, then just by finding something to feel grateful for starts this process of feeling good, and eventually leads back to wellness if consistent with your intention.

If it’s hard to find something to feel grateful for, then it may even be that you have the eyes and sight to read this page.

There are times, however that we can feel grateful and still have feelings of abandonment and feeling unsupported, which can lead to those same feelings of discouragement, discontent, and eventually manifest into disease.

It is important to stop these feelings and one way is by knowing that the perception of feeling abandoned or unsupported oftentimes may come from our ‘domestication,’ and is a learned reaction and behavior; it can be unlearned. It is to change our perception and instead to realize/know that support is all around us, and abandonment is and can be nothing more than seen as an opportunity to BE with oneself and to make a decision to flourish.

If a loved one or someone close to you is displaying this type of negative behavior towards you, and these feelings arise, looking deeper into THEIR behavior will always reflect that this treatment towards you is nothing more than someone who has experienced this abuse to the point that they disconnect, and cannot feel how others are perceiving their behavior. It has nothing to do with us or our value. Finding that place of ‘not taking it personal’ brings a sense of peace and feelings of being ‘at ease.’  (for more information on this subject, ‘The Four Agreements,’ by Miguel Ruiz is a good book to gain deeper insight into this subject of ‘not taking it personal’).

The most important emotion is to feel Love…..Love is always the answer; Love of SELF, Love of another.

Loving Kindness towards others is Loving SELF, for we are ALL ONE.

If you are having a difficult time doing this for yourself, do it for another, and it will be done onto you….why? Because we are all the same energy, therefore what we do affects us as well as others.

Strive for EASE….ease into the flow of life; do what you Love; what brings you joy, and causing those good feelings for another will also become your experience of feeling good.

Bring understanding and clarity to another, and you will have and experience the same for yourself.

All are blessed…..The Light of Love shines all the time….any darkness in our life is just as a cloud blocking the sun…the sun is still there, as is always Love/God/All That Is!

With that knowledge comes relief, freedom, peace,….. and EASE.

Many Blessings!

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