Realization #161 – Sadness

Sadness is one of the worse emotions to carry; reason being that it lowers the immune system, affecting the Heart chakra (heart, breast and lung areas).

Grief is the super emotion to sadness, and those feeling this emotion, if not channeled properly, place themselves in danger of manifesting disease, usually within that area, affecting those organs and those parts of our body.

Feeling sadness usually comes from an outside situation, such as loss or feelings of unfulfillment. Grief is felt deeper, seemingly in the ‘core’ of our Being. Grief feels heart-wrenching, as if the heart is broken, and medical experts have now concluded that ‘broken heart syndrome’ is very real, indeed; the heart feels all the symptoms of a heart attack, but fortunately there isn’t any damage actually done to the heart. A ventricle narrows, causing the pain, and the person feels all the pain, tightening, etc. as if they are going through a heart attack. Over time, however the heart can actually be damaged, and a heart attack can result…if the grief persists.

Depression is different than sadness, because with depression comes a feeling of hopelessness, which is very debilitating. Many believe that depression comes from surpressing anger you don’t feel you have the right to have; in other words, anger turned inward.

If we do not suppress our anger, and express it openly, anger is actually at the root cause of fear announced. Anytime we feel fear, we often express it by either pushing it out (Anger) or surpressing it (depression), so actually on a scale of the bottom of feelings, it is far worse to feel depression and sadness, than it is to feel anger. Anger also does surpress our immune system, but anger has a negative effect even more so on the liver, stomach, and pancreas, rather than the heart, lung, and breast. The chakra below the Heart Chakra is called the Solar Plexus chakra, and anger affects that area more than any other chakra. Anger hurts both parties, whereas the other negative emotions mentioned, usually hurt the individual feeling them more than anyone else in terms of physical and emotion pain.

Grief, depression, and sadness; these emotions all have one thing in common; their ‘root’ emotion where they all start is from fear. Actually there are only two root emotions that we have….fear and Love, and all other emotions arise from one of these two.

And you know when you have them, which root emotion they are tied to, because one makes you feel good and one does not. The ‘negative’ emotions cause an imbalance in our chakras, and this leads us to feeling ‘ill at ease,’ or ‘dis-ease.’ Certain emotions affect certain chakras, and knowing this can help us to soothe ourselves into a state of wellness, and prevent illness from manifesting.

Sadness is the emotion that is hardest to pinpoint, because it is so subtle. We can literally feel sad for weeks, months, years,….and not take care of it or even address it. Sadness begins to feel ‘acceptable;’ it becomes our ‘way of life,’ unless we choose to do something about it. Countless marriages and relationships stay together out of convenience, need, and/or quiet desperation. We just don’t seem to know what to do, and hence, our ‘sadness’ is always there, behind that smile, laugh or even behind a good deed done or act of kindness.

We can forget about it for a while, but it’s always there.

And that is just not living a life of our highest good, nor living a life of direct intention. WE ARE LOVE and JOY….and sadness is NOT who we Really Are!

If we confess that we are sad, many may try to ‘cheer us up, ‘ and they may succeed…for a little while. However, the sadness usually returns, and instead of looking at the problem head on, and going about ways to ‘look through it,’ many self-medicate through alcohol and/or drugs, legal prescriptions such as anti-depressive medications, or worst yet just push it away, lodging it deeper within us, where it can really do some damage.

How do we solve this and uplift our frequency to a higher level where sadness does not reside?

Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, or sad due to something that we cannot change, it all comes down to a choice of how we wish to live our lives; on what we wish to BE.

We must look at the problem; yes, we must address the feeling we have, and WHY we have it.

We must look at OURSELVES, and decide if we even deserve this feeling and IF it can be masking a deeper need and/or opportunity to change our lives. Remember, change yourself and you change your world, literally…from the inside—-out!

And after all, that IS what this blog is all about….seeking the answers from within, where they all reside, and most importantly realizating that WE ALL have that potential and power to retrieve the information and answers we need, in order to change our lives for the better.

This blog has been an example of as Jesus stated, “what I can do…so can you…” for we are all One, and hence, we can all be the Masters we truly are. My ‘Realizations’ are really coming from all, as we are ALL ONE!  Therefore, we ALL can do this; this too is a choice. Use this information if it feels ‘right’ for you; put it aside if it does not.

As for sadness, feel it until you do not. Find out what is causing this feeling, and do something about it, and if you cannot, such as in the face of the loss of someone, then do your best to cause another to lose THEIR sadness; for when we uplift one, we uplift ourselves, as we are all Souls from the Same Universal Source/Spirit/God.

All are uplifted on some level when we choose this service to anyone whom may need assistance, including those whom are deciding to offer that service or help.

Many blessings!

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