Realization #163 – Giving it Up and Having it All


How many times have we heard the expression, ‘ you have to give it all up to have it all…’

I have to admit that I had never understood that statement; it seemed contradictory somehow, and just didn’t make complete sense.

Not until a recent personal experience of loss did I realize what that statement truly means.

Letting go is ‘giving it up.’ Letting go means to let go of something that is blocking your highest potential to live your life; being happy and serene. It is a blockage of energy that one holds, and it usually sits in the ‘heart chakra.’ This has an effect on the lungs, heart, and breast.

This blockage of energy can be in the form of grief for a loved one who has left; a death, loss of a relationship, or even of one’s own youth. Holding onto these feelings of grief, sadness, fear, etc., is keeping a negative form of energy that blocks connection to Source, which is Love;  the flow of God/Life.

So, until you ‘give it up…’ you cannot have it all…meaning…until you release what is no longer serving you, you will be blocked to experiencing your highest good, potential, and a truly joyful life.

How does one ‘give it all up?’ Many ways are possible for this to happen. Sometimes it is simply a decision. Something may happen for this decision to occur, or it can be a conscious choice. If it is a problem that has been ongoing, it may call for a deeper introspection. Counseling may be needed; journaling, speaking out about it; confrontation to oneself and the other, or in the case of deep grief, just having someone to cry to, holding you close for as long and as hard as you may need; this may help release the blockage.

Once the energy is released, the blockages will usually disappear, (it may take a few times to clear this, depending on how long one has held onto it). However, it will then help to allow and experience their truth; the truth that they are complete, whole, and a Sacred, Magnificent Design of the Universe, always connected to Source; this is true because we are all THAT.  This is who they Really Are, before the blockage appeared.

The infinite intelligence that permeates every part of our Being; all around and through us, is Love/God/Life, and releasing of any emotions that has caused a blockage will once again return us to experiencing that complete joy, peace, and Love that we all truly are.

It is much like a cloud blocking the sun; the sun is always there. Once the cloud passes, the sun will shine brightly once again.

Therefore, once we ‘give it all up,’ we can then ‘have it all;’ that ‘all’ is Joy, Peace, Happiness, and Love, which is who we all REALLY ARE!

And we are all here to experience that.

Many blessings!

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