Realization #164 – Master of Reality

We have heard the term “Master.” We usually think of someone who is proficient in some field, such as a Master Carpenter…even a Master of Disguise.

But being a Master is much more than being ‘good’ at something, for to be a Master implies that one has overcome some challenge; there is an ease, a grace to their life regarding that field or subject matter.

So what IS a Master of Reality? Years ago, I believed that it meant merely ‘getting your way…’ having things GO your way, in your reality. But now I realize that it means something quite different.

To be Master of One’s Reality means that you now understand what reality really is (created by Self) and that you have made peace with it. In this state, one has come to the understanding that nothing (no-thing) really matters, and in that knowledge, becomes accepting of everything.

Therefore, a true Master of Reality is a Master of their OWN PERSONAL REALITY, and is completely aware that the only thing that is truly important is that awareness of their own creative power, which IS GOD, made manifested in our experience…., for to Master one’s own reality is everything.  A Master therefore blesses all and every circumstance, for they realize that THEY put it all there! A Master also stays calm; never appearing ‘elated,’ nor discouraged. A Master observes and accepts, and in this acceptance, remains in Peace.

This peaceful state creates a peaceful life……and all others then ask, ‘can you give me what you have?’

When one Masters their Reality, they no longer look for gratification, as their entire life is gratifying. And that is why in the face of calamity, they remain calm; in the celebration of life, they remain serene.

A Master understands that it is all an illusion, made up by himself/herself, and therefore blesses all.

You will know how close to Mastery you are when you stop reacting, either negatively or positively to any given situation. Acceptance to everything means allowing, and a Master will always allow what comes, for they know that ‘everything is ok in the end; if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.’ (paraphrased John Lennon).  They also stay serene during joyful times, as they know that everything is temporary and an illusion.  They may enjoy the illusion, but have no attachment to it or the outcome, no matter what it is concerning, and whether it is considered by others as bad or good.

How do you know you are on your way to Mastery? You start noticing you ARE reacting and you stop. (This in no way means you ignore or stop caring; you merely are comfortable and do not expect a certain outcome). Why? Because you KNOW that you created it all, and therefore, do not ‘curse’ the darkness. You instead become a beacon of Light in that darkness, remaining calm and serene.

And…still shining that light even when it is ‘bright’ in your life, as a ‘Candle in the Sun.’

Many Blessings for a most Joyful New Year, filled with Mastering One’s Reality….for that is Our True Blessed, and natural state!

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