Realization # 166 – Creation and Gratitude






Many times we feel bad, and now if we do understand the law of attraction, we tend to get scared, because we feel that we cannot control our emotions.

But, there is a way.

We hear that gratitude is the best thing we can feel to change our life….but WHY?

In my life personnally, I have always found it easier to apply something in my life IF I understand the reason why….even when raising my sons, I would never demand anything without also explaining to them why it was necessary.

It helped.

So looking at Gratitude, we must understand that when we are grateful, we are saying it is so. We are noticing a situation and demonstrating a feeling that it is there and we are happy about it. The feeling of that we already have it, which is why we are feeling grateful, is CREATION itself. For when we say something is there, and because we are THAT powerful,  it starts to manifest by way of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ The Observer, which is US, expects or focuses on an outcome, and the molecules, protons, and electrons in the Universe respond to our expection…bringing forth WHATEVER we are focusing on…..good or bad…..but why?

Because WE ARE THAT…..we are those protons, electrons, molecules, etc.

And stating simply, there is actually no separation between us and everything and everyone else, because there is only ONE ENERGY, called LOVE/LIFE/GOD, and we are that …all of us connected as ONE BEING, separated into individual units of that energy, called Souls.

Therefore, when we focus on ANYTHING, it expands, because it is a part of us and of cousre, it will respond to our emotions, which are actually ENERGY IN MOTION.

Reason being, this ENERGY, called GOD/Love/LIFE is an intelligent CREATIVE ENERGY…and there is really nothing else.

Gratitude is stating what IS, and since we are THAT, we are in creation mode, which IS GOD/LIFE/LOVE…everything….because God is CREATION, itself.

Being grateful is the first and only step necessary to having and being whatever you wish to experience. We literally tap into that power the moment we are grateful.

There is nothing else you have to do….but BE GRATEFUL…and it always manifests.

But remember, you get what you focus on always and all the time, no matter how you are feeling…negative thoughts and feelings will also bring what you are focusing on…as well as positive thoughts and feelings.

Gratitude is expansion of something good; ingrattiude or not being aware, or negative thinking and feelings will push what you wish for away because by not focusing on it, or saying it is not there, you are also creating THAT outcome.

A lack of awareness is the same thing. And that is why so many Love relationships fail, in that they no longer produce what the two people came together to experience, because they either start focusing on only what they don’t want or like in that person, or they give no awareness or attention to that person as they once had when they first met.

If we wish to uplift and improve oneself, another, or a relationship, it is only necessary to focus on what you like, desire, want, and become aware of that person….and magic happens….it does not matter what state the relationship is in…it truly is all about you, meaning what you are personally focusing on.

The other will ‘respond to your song,’ so to speark…..and your reality and/or situation will improve in any area……There can be no other way….why?

Because, it is LAW.

Many Blessings,

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