Realization #17 – Ego


We always think about psychology when we think of the Ego. But the Ego is more than a term…it is the “false” perception of who we THINK we are. It is the “I” in the sense of thinking we are separate from everyone else. It is the reason for all the suffering in the world, and the suffering we oftentimes experience within ourselves, for it is stating an untrue theory about who we are; namely, that we are not connected to anyone or anything. This is a lie; a preconceived notion, based on our ‘domestication’ within a society, and our perception, which is based purely on our 5 senses.

It is quite alright to view the world in this way at certain times, for it is when we view the world with only our 5 senses that we get a ‘personal’ experience, such as falling in Love with one special person, accomplishing a goal, having a wonderful dinner, etc. But it is when we make decisions, excluding everyone else, regarding decisions that really do have an effect on everyone else, that we suffer. It is when we lie, manipulate or do something that we know is really not the ‘best’ for us. For it is then that we cause pain for ourselves and others. And, on some level, since we are all connected, we do eventually suffer someway. It may be in the form of a guilty conscience (if we are somewhat aware!) or worse so, when “bad” things happen to us, and we “just can’t figure out how it happened!” (completely ‘unaware!)

All this is because we are in our “Ego State,” forgetting who we Really Are, which is a Spirit having a Human Experience. Now the big thing about this is that you probably now think, “I cannot make my life revolve around everyone else’s needs…,” and you are correct. That is not what is being stressed here. It is doing what is necessary for the grander good, meaning doing what is best for YOU. Seems like a complete contradiction, but if you look at this a bit more deeply, you will find that what is good for all, IS what is good for you! And in so doing what is good for you, you are doing what is good for all….(remember, we are all connected…that is what Jesus meant when he stated, “what you do to my brethren, you do to me.” …

….the whole point is to ask yourself just one question….”what would Love do now?” If you think this is about loving someone else, it is not…it is about Loving YOU. By loving yourself and doing the most loving thing for you, IF you are choosing the HIGHEST decision, is always beneficial to all those around you. For example, if you take good care of yourself, keeping yourself happy, you will be there to help others. You will ‘literally’ spread joy wherever you go. Doing things for others then, is never a chore when you are feeling good and feeling happy. Nothing is a problem. When you understand that all there is to share is Love, and the more we share that love, and act FROM LOVE, the more we have to give, you will experience Heaven on Earth.

Now, what to do with those ‘individuals’ who do not appreciate or return the Love to you….? Well, Jesus did not heal the whole world, remember? Why? Because they didn’t ask! Not all are ‘awakened’ to who they Really Are (Spirits having a human experience). They are still caught up in their Ego. Jesus only helped those who were ready…who asked for assistance or help. Remember, a “Master” knows never to intrude. It does not mean you abandon someone, especially if you feel you are in a situation that you cannot leave…such as a spouse, parent, child, etc. However, when someone does not return Love, or tries to take without giving back (in other words, they are caught up in their Ego, thinking they are separate from you) , would you wish this experience for someone you Love? No, you would not…so do not wish it for yourself by staying with an experience that does not bring you true Love and Joy…not ever. It will not help that person evolve, nor will it help you aspire to the greatest and grandest version and vision of who you Really Are. This is when you must be in the world but not OF IT. Go about your life, live your vision of what you wish to experience, and LET THEM BE. Do NOT INTRUDE. You do not have to comply or continue to be used or victimized. Just BE….be anything you wish, and do not allow others to INTRUDE on you. This may mean distancing yourself, but that may be the most loving thing you can do for yourself, and it will give that Soul a chance to evolve, i.e. to be accountable and responsible for THEIR decisions.

It is not as difficult as it sounds. Any time you have a decision, just ask yourself, “what would I tell my child to do if they were in this exact situation?” The right answer will always come, even if you do not have children, nor ever have. Why? Because your Soul, which is Spirit, knows all, and knows the correct answer, and since your Spirit is Love, it will always give you the Highest Truth about who you are and what you should do, based on LOVE. The answer is once again, to Love yourself, and since you would not wish your child (whom you Love) to experience being taken advantage of, victimized, or suffering in any form, you would always choose the most loving decision. Then, and this is the hard part for many, FORCE yourself to do this for YOU. That’s right, whatever you would tell your child, do this for YOU. Remember, you must place yourself in the same group of people you Love. For you Love your child UNCONDITIONALLY, and to Love yourself the same way, would always lead you to the most beneficial decision for you, and for all.

Remember, the truth may not be liked, but will always be accepted. Doing the most loving thing for you, will always benefit all. The big question of the day is “what is the most loving thing/decision for me?” That depends on your evolutionary process.

But remember…It is always the Highest most grandest, greatest version and vision you have of yourself..nothing less.

Always, in all ways. And THAT decision will never hurt anyone…including yourself!

Not Ever! Once again…

Love is reflected in Love.

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