Realization #170 – Death, Dying and Suicide

So many have inquired about death.  I have decided to reprint this passage that originally is  printed from the “Conversation with God” website, which was answered by Neale Donald Walsch. I have printed it here with all credit due to that author, with the sole intention to inform and comfort those whom have experienced loss or wish to just understand this subject matter.

…’What happens if a Soul chooses to end it’s life, deliberately, in what we term “Suicide?” The question is huge, and the answer should not, and cannot, be offered in a few words in a way that does the response justice. Let me try here as hard as I can, in hopes that my response will drive you to the larger, far more comprehensive answer in HOME WITH GOD… necessarily was.

1. God does not  “punish” us for anything.
2. Death does not exist.
3. All ‘death’ is ‘suicide’ in the sense that no Soul dies (that is, ends a particular experience of physicalization) at a time or in a way that is against its Will. Such a thing is impossible, given Who You Really Are.
4. Individuations of Divinity (that is, “people”) who end their lives in the way that humans normally call “suicide” in every case simply choose, after their Life Review, to return to the physicality in the same form and time they just left, living their same life over again, encountering the same Choice Points, and then having an opportunity to make a different decision about them—including the decision to end that particular physical experience in the way that they did before.
5. Thus, there is no reason to terminate one’s present physical life through what we would call “suicide,” if what we imagine will be accomplished by such an action is an “escape” from any current circumstance or condition. We will simply choose, willfully and joyfully, to return to the same life in the same timeline under the same conditions, to bring ourselves the opportunity to express and experience, as Souls, exactly what we co-created those circumstances and conditions to allow us to express and experience. necessarily was….’

I have read the entire book by Neale Donald Walsch, “Home With God”, and highly recommend it to anyone whom has a curiosity about death, is in the process of ‘dying;’ and is or has contemplated suicide. This book will also help those whom has lost a loved one by suicide,  or death, or if  through an accident, murder, or ill health.

Whether you believe that this author is speaking with God, or just ‘making it up;’ there is no better way to live.

Death is another transition.  I know that atheists believe there is nothing, and agnostics aren’t sure; however, we all have come from ‘some place,’ and we will return to that place once again.

That I know for sure.

Many Blessings!

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