Realization #173 – As you Saith, so Shall It IS!


We live on a planet that no matter what color, creed, or culture, EVERYONE vents in some way, in some language, and to someone…we even do this to ourselves!

No matter who you are, what social status, what culture, or ethnicity, everyone speaks what they feel, and many times, in a negative way.

Another commonality is that anyone that IS speaking negatively does not realize that, as one “saith, so shall it is.”

Jesus The Christ told us as such, for we are THAT powerful! But not only do most not realize it, sadly far more do not believe it; even when we tell them not to think or say negative things (for it will come to you), most tend to push that truth away, continuing their negative talk, and then wonder why things are not getting better.

Why is it that they do not believe? Most likely because they do not see their thoughts, feelings, and words manifest immediately; for there is a ‘time delay’ on this planet, and therefore we do not experience the results of what we say, feel, and think right away.  We have not been taught to understand the laws of the Universe.  We also do not experience immediately what we visualize, whether a negative image or a positive one; therefore we are trained not to really give it much thought at all.

This is done in error and ignorance. We are all God, meaning that we are all Divine Spirits, manifested from one Source called Love/God/All that IS. When Jesus told us what you saith, so shall it is, he meant that quite literally;  that what you give a thought to (focusing on through your words, as well as your thoughts and feelings) will with time, manifest (be made real in your reality).

The truth is in the following statement: positive thoughts, emotions, and words, are much stronger than negative ones (thankfully). This was stated by Michael Beckwith in the movie, ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne).

While we can have some positive thoughts, many immediately start focusing mainly on the negative aspects of a situation, and the one that is focused on most will eventually dominate and become our experience.

We often create a negative outcome by default, meaning it is not our intention. The problem is that we have a challenging time believing that ‘as you saith, so shall it is,”  so we say and allow our thoughts and feelings to go unchecked; in other words, we say and do whatever we feel, not realizing that we are bringing that outcome to us through our feelings, visualizations, thoughts, and words.

We also tend to think that if we complain or stress enough to ourselves or to others how miserable we are, then it will get better. We think that somehow our complaining will get the universe (or someone) to take care of it. But the truth is this: we are not babies, crying to be feed or changed. We are that Universe, and basically, what we ‘saith,’ so shall it is!

But WHY is this so?

It is because we ARE that Universe; just a smaller version. Whether we say what we don’t have or what we do, we have an effect on the molecules, protons, and electrons not ONLY in our bodies, but also in the space all around us, i.e., the universe, itself.  These aspects of the universe move towards each other to create,  and that will and does bring whatever we are focusing on, to us.

As Abraham-Hicks has written in many books, ‘tell it like you wish it to be, not like it is…’

Do you wish for more abundance? Then state, “I am financially successful and abundant now.”
Do you wish to continue your good health? Then state, “I am enjoying continuous good health now.” Are you ill and wish to be well? Then state, “I am well and in good health now.”

Saying “I want,” keeps you in a state of wanting., as in someone ‘wanting’ in good manners. It means they lack good manners.

Saying “I want to lose weight,” keeps you in the experience of wanting to lose weight (lacking to lose weight); keeping weight on so you have weight to lose.

Saying “I am not happy,” keeps you having experiences that make you NOT happy.

And saying “I want money,” will push out that ‘frequency’ to the universe, connecting to other forms of molecules, protons, electrons, etc.,  that bring the experience of a lack of money, so you continue to keep ‘wanting (lacking) money.’

It is as simple as that…..and that is the simple truth.

So tell it like you wish it to be, not like it is…and the Universe WILL bring to you what you say/feel/think; you are that Universe, and you are always creating your experience with your words, thoughts, and feelings.

The blessings in realizing this is that the current situation will disappear, replaced by what you focus on and desire.

How do I know this? Because I did it, and gratefully continue to; for, as you saith, so shall it is….
And what I can do, so can you…for we are all ONE!

Many Blessings!

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