Realization # 175 – Trauma, Addictions, and Healing


Our world is made up of Energy; frequencies vibrating at different speeds, each creating different outcomes based on our emotions, which match up to them as we think and feel.

Childhood trauma, abuse, neglect; all negative emotions arise from these states and situations. Anger, fear, grief, depression, anxiety; just a few negative emotions that can sit within our psyche for years..or our entire life, as a result of how we have been treated.

Many do not know what to do with these feelings; these negative life situations and emotions that produce feelings of not feeling good enough, worthlessness, repression, anxiety; we do our best to push them into a dormant state, until ‘provoked’ by someone’s words, actions, or innocent requests. And when this happens, sadly many will go into a state of repression, denial, and regression; they may act out, appearing immature, regressing back to the state of a 5 year old, even acting out with facial gestures that represent infancy in the form of exaggerated tears, frustration, rolling eyes, pouting, etc. Violence, physical and/or emotional abuse, can occur depending on what type of negative treatment they have experienced.

Many then become attracted to ways of ‘dealing with the pain.’ Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, excessive, eating, etc., all are forms of a type of ‘self-medicating.

Alcohol and drugs, to name a few, vibrate at a very low frequency; when ingested, they lower our natural vibrational state of being, and we start to ‘match’ that frequency with our own childhood and past traumas; reason being, any abuse or negativity vibrates at a low frequency.

To make an example, suppose that physically being hit vibrates at a 3. Alcohol and drugs vibrating at that same #3 will ‘match’ that situation. The person then will no longer feel the pain of the past negative experience, but ‘becomes it.’ They will hit someone, abusing their spouse, child, or another who has ‘pushed that button.’ But they are only displaying those same characteristics as what was done to them, because using alcohol in this case, caused their vibrational frequency to lower, matches the memory of trauma in their psyche, and thus they display that behavior without having to feel the pain for that moment.

Hence, the sins of the father are brought to the Son, so to speak.

When one has trauma, and seeks out relief through alcohol, drugs, etc., their vibration is lowered, they match the trauma, and usually will act it out, until they are sober again, and of course, completely sorry and remorseful….until they use again, and continue the abusive/remorseful pattern, all over again.

Relationships die, families fall apart, and sadly so does that person’s health, both mentally and physically. When all it would take is a decision to seek to assist oneself to clear and heal, rather than to ‘mask’ that trauma.

When one has trauma, but seeks assistance to heal it, this will no longer happen.  

We all have our choices as to what we wish to be in RELATION to anything and everyone…that is why it is called a ‘relationship.’

Almost everyone has had some trauma; very few of us have not. However, what we decide to BE about it, is up to us.

Take a look at your life…decide what you wish to Be, and watch the results of your choices.

Either way, after everyone falls away, or runs away, you still are the one left to live the results of your choices, in your life.

One way is to seek outside help through a counselor or life coach that understands how emotions affect our need to self-medicate, and how we can be healed and free; healthy and strong

Many places can be sought out;  if you need help urgently, please call 9ll. If you are seeking outside help, or know someone who is, I highly recommend this one:

It is a SKYPE life coaching site that you can access from the comfort and security of your own home, from anywhere in the world.  Trained wellness coaches address all life situations.

Always know that there IS a way to heal.

Many Blessings,

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