Realization # 176 – Standing Alone

How many have heard the expression, ‘lonely at the top? Seems that there are not many people who truly wish to see someone succeed; not that they are bad people; just jealous of the success of others.

Spiritual Masters have been stoned to death; dishonored, and even crucified if not physically, emotionally; for they tell the truth, and the truth is often painful to hear. It is even worse to feel, as they are somewhat feeling ‘forced’ to view their own life, just by that Master’s presence.

So many feel ‘not good enough,’ and sadly seeing someone prosper, or seeming to have answers, enrages the people who do not.

Those whom are not ‘awake’ spiritually will shun, dismiss, even attack that one who is peaceful, serene and calm. They cannot stand to watch someone seeming to ‘have it all,’ (and not even in the material sense) but if only to have a stillness and serenity seems too much for these people to handle.

So a Master will stand alone. Alone and serene in the peace that they are choosing to BE, regardless of persecution, calamity, indifference, and attack.

They come with a message, which is ‘what I can do, so can you…and you will do even greater things than this…’

We can only hope that those still spiritually ‘asleep’ will hear that message, and will awaken, but only ‘when they are ready.’

And then sadly, once that Master is gone, whether by being crucified or shunned, the one’s who did this to that Master will glorify and honor the Peaceful one, for such is the way it has been here on this Earth in the past.

This is a message to those whom are not comfortable with a Master’s teaching…be aware of this truth: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ Therefore, when a “Master’ shows up in your life/reality, let this be a signal that you are ready to BE that peace also; that state of perfection, for as the Master appears in such a serene and peaceful state of bliss, let it serve you to know that this state of consciousness is also coming attractions, so to speak, for YOU….for you also to be a Master that you really are.  The Christ Consciousness is that with which we are speaking when referring to Mastery.  There have also been others: Buddha, Allah, etc.

Embrace the love that is offered; the assistance…..for what you resist, will persist, but what you look at, disappears.

If you choose to look at the Masters and their teachings, you will see that this peace is yours is all just a matter of awareness and allowance.

If you resist, your uncomfortable feelings will persist. Surrender to God, which is your Highest Self, and the way will be shown.

Did they not call the Master Jesus Christ, the Way-Shower?

Many blessings for a most joyful and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Allowing New Year, for all good to be yours for you and those you Love comes from awareness and allowing!

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