Realization #174- 5 Laws of Manifestation


Watching a video by Neale Donald Walsch, one of my most favorite Spiritual Authors, was so helpful and such an awakening for myself, that I had to share this information!

Mr. Walsch’s video portrayed 5 laws of the Universe that together, bring about manifesting. We all create our reality whether we realize this or not. He pointed out that many have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction,’ and that it has become so commonplace in our society, that too many have gotten the wrong information, or not the complete understanding; simply put, that the law of attraction is ONE part of manifesting, and not the ‘all in all’ to creating our reality. We must understand the other 4 in order to use the Law of Attraction for what it was intended to be used for….to manifest our reality into a wonderful life experience!

The 5 laws of Manifestation are listed as follows:

1. Law of Attraction – This law states that what we feel and think creates our reality; that we always get what we focus on, and there is nothing else but attraction, meaning that we attract everything we want and everything we do not want ,with our feelings and thoughts. Focusing on what we want is the most important part of this in order for our desires to materialize into our reality. Remember we get everything we focus on, good and bad, so it is stressed to do all you can to focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Law of Opposites – This law states that in our ‘reality’ we must have the opposite of anything for the other to exist. As Neale states, ‘in the absence of what you are not, what you are cannot exist.’ An example would be, we must know cold to know hot; up to know down, here to know there, etc. Without an opposite, the other cannot exist in our relative world, as they relate to the other.

Therefore, when we desire something, many times the opposite of what we desire will show up first. In fact, this is where most become disappointed and give up their dreams, because when the opposite of what they want shows up, they often become discouraged, thinking they will not get what they desire, or do not deserve it, and sadly give up their grandest goals and desires.

It is so important to know this law because to understand it will allow one to accept when the opposite comes, and view it as a sign that what they wish for is on it’s way…because the opposite showed up first!

3. Law of Wisdom – This law allows us to make a good decision, and to discern that the law of opposites is working for us, and not against us. With this wisdom of the law of attraction and the law of opposites, we accept and allow our dreams to come to us, by staying focused on what we wish to have, despite what may temporarily show up as the opposite. Understanding this law helps us to keep on track, focusing only on what we still want, and not what we do not.

4. Joy/Wonder – The law of using joy and wonder helps us to stay on track with our desire, for it keeps us feeling good, and as the Law of attraction states, you get what you are focusing on. Therefore, by staying joyful, full of wonder, and feeling gratitude, etc., we are on the path of receiving what we desire, because our desires are something that makes us happy and joyful, and we must be on that same frequency, feeling joyful, to receive our desires!

5. Cycles – By understanding this law, we understand that everything goes around and comes around…a complete cycle/circle. This means that our truest desire and intentions will happen; we just must be patient, as everything eventually comes full circle back to us. Therefore, our truest and highest intention/desires WILL manifest; we must understand that it will come back to us as a life experience. This helps us realize eternity, and therefore, develop patience.

With many disappointed in the law of attraction, the information of realizing that these laws all work together to manifest our desires, and by using them and through the law of attraction, will help everyone to use the Law of Attraction as it was truly intended…to create the most highest, greatest, and grandest vision and version of yourself…and your life experience!

Many Blessings!

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