Realization #177 – The Virus and Keeping Well

I have taken a bit of time before writing this Realization regarding the ‘virus’ because there are so many out there doing so; the information seems endless, and yet basically what is addressed to our population seems to be split into three groups; those that believe it is a hoax, those that are taking ‘necessary’ precautions, but taking it in stride (so to speak), and those that feel scared, vulnerable and powerless. This Realization will help no matter which ‘group’ you may ‘fall’ into.
By definition, a virus is not a living thing; it lives only off the host; sort of like an ‘unwanted house guest,’ who will not go home, and to whom was never invited in the first place…..
But on some level, we HAVE invited this ‘unwanted guest’… our consciousness; our feelings. And whether one gets sick or simply experiences others getting sick, either personally or thru the media, the truth is that on some level if it’s in ones’ reality, we have had some part in creating it….and not by any means am I suggesting that this had been, or is done ‘on purpose,’ but rather by our focus and our feelings.
Sadly, we usually don’t even realize that we are contributing to plights in our society, but we are, for every time we focus on the bad and/or complain about what is happening that we do not like or wish for, or get into the story of someone else complaining, we (although not consciously) are creating it along with others whom are like-minded.
Why? For as Jesus the Christ stated, ‘…. what you saith, so shall it is.”
And that does NOT mean just with words, for we constantly are ‘stating and saying’ things with our thoughts and feelings, are we not?
There are also other ways we do focus on what we do not want, though oftentimes and usually, it is not intentional. For how many times have we read through the media that this society is ‘going downhill?’ How many times is there ‘bad news,’ about politicians, doctors, Big Pharm, and our society in general? How many of us tune into the broadcasted news on the TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet….and even listening thru social media? And just in general, engaging in negative conversations with others each and every day?
Is there a ‘good news channel?’ Does it even exist? Do we even seek one?
It is not that these people are foolish or have a low intelligence level either…it is usually just about the fact that they do not know that they have any power to influence their reality at all.
And WHY is this? Why do people focus on the bad news, and then repeat it to all they may know? It is not done with bad intentions, but rather thru a not knowing of who they Really Are…and who we ALL REALLY ARE.
The truth is this:
Our thoughts and feelings DO create our reality, including what is going on right now. Please look around and face this, because only in ‘owning’ what we have, can we give it away. How can one expect to stay well if only focusing on illness? How can one be happy if only focusing on what they are sad about?
There is now enough scientific and documented proof that we do create our reality with our feelings and thoughts. It is only a matter of deciding and choosing to look into this subject matter to fully understand and easily apply this new knowledge and universal laws to our lives, in order to create a better reality for ourselves and everyone.
A few wonderful books are:
To read these books and so many others that are available; to study Quantum Physics….that choice WILL empower to help one realize the true potential that Jesus The Christ, and many other Masters have taught; you may also seek the wise ones from our previous past centuries such as Einstein, Newton, Tesla, etc.
In having hope and in focusing on the good and what we do wish to happen, others may criticize us, as they are not knowing their power or ours, and they may claim that we are in ‘airy-fairy land,’ merely just running away from ‘reality.’ But so called ‘reality’ is subjective, being it holds the meaning you give it. (perspective).
Therefore, this is not about avoiding or ignoring…no!
This is about facing our feelings; figuring out WHY we do have them, and deciding and CHOOSING to FEEL a different way. It is NOT about ONLY educating ourselves about the virus, but rather educating ourselves about the power WE all have, so that we do NOT invite this unwanted guest/experience into our home (or body) subconsciously!
Inviting implies that we are ‘letting in or allowing in.’ WE all allow unwanted guests so to speak (ill health, bad experiences or outcomes) in our life…and how? We do this through fear.
So, how NOT to do that? How not to be afraid? The first step is gratitude and then choosing to change our direction by instead focusing on good health; focusing on happiness (in other words, what brings us joy). Even if it’s looking at a plant or flower; listening to music you love; writing if that is your passion; woodworking, etc., anything that brings joy, peace, and tranquility, will produce a state of good health, and THAT also means not allowing anything else we do not want to become our focus. This is not as difficult as we may think, for you cannot feel gratitude and joy and fear at the same time.
In other words, focus only on the highest emotion, which encompasses all the other positive ones above, which is LOVE…Love of Self, and Love for one another.
Many may still argue that one MUST feel and focus on the bad in order to fix it, but that only goes to a certain extent. Yes we must know of the problem to come to a solution. The real problem is that most only dwell on the PROBLEM, for they feel they cannot come to a solution, or are not capable of making that solution happen. And THAT is because they are feeling powerless.
Why? Because they are forgetting who they REALLY ARE, which is God/Love/Life made manifest into an individualized unit of energy, called a Soul…and hence, mankind is made manifest from this energy…the energy of God/Life/Love, and with the SAME creative power…for we are the CREATED and the CREATOR.
Jesus also stated, ‘what I can do, so can you…’ He also stated, ‘I and my brethren are ONE.’ He knew we all have that power to heal; to create a better reality and world, and his mission was to enlighten us all to that level he was; to understand, and to know; to be and live the TRUTH of us ALL…of who We Really Are.
That is the real reason and meaning behind when it is said that Jesus came for our salvation and to ‘save us.’ To save us from the ignorance of not knowing who we all Really Are. And isn’t it true, that when we Love ourselves, and others that same way, we are then feeling and thinking the best? And doesn’t that ‘feeling Love/feeling good lead to all good outcomes? Of course, for it lines up and matches another good outcome/life experience…hence a better reality!
And now on a personal level: we house our body, keeping it ‘together’ with our Soul….and this body IS taken care of by our immune system. What many need to be aware of is that more than food, our body’s immune system is completely affected by our feelings, which turn into our emotions.
Our immune system is fueled by our emotions; therefore, happiness, gratitude,, and most of all, Love….they are the real supplements that will always work to keep us resilient and free of any illness.
So this all comes down to once again, feeling good and feeling Love.
Many ask how do we do so in such a time as this right now in our world? And the answer is about we look at it all. And whether you realize or not, we DO all have a choice in that NO ONE can make us choose how we look at something, and how we feel.
Our experience creates our perception (which is how we CHOOSE to look at something); our perspective is based from our perception (how we decided to view something that happened to us). Our perspective creates our feelings which then an emotion comes into being from our feelings, and our emotions, created from our feelings, creates our reality, (for remember, emotions are ‘energy in motion)…which of course, again creates our experience. The circle is complete:
PERCEPTION=PERSPECTIVE=FEELINGS=EMOTIONS=EXPERIENCE and once again another perception, or perceiving the experience. And that is the circle of creation, and creating our reality.
So the whole key secret here, exposed, is to CHOOSE and decide what you wish to be about everything (changing your perception -how you wish to look at it). If you choose to be happy, changing your perception of your experience, your reality WILL change…it IS LAW…Universal Law.
At first this will seem very challenging…for how can we change how we view something? We must CHOOSE to view it differently, and that comes from choosing to BE more AWARE…more aware of all sides of a situation and the many ways we CAN look at it!. Observation is crucial in developing awareness, but we must remember to become aware of the entire picture…not just what you choose to notice and/or agree or disagree.
And that IS the challenge, but like exercise, the more we are AWARE of how and what we are choosing to think about something, the more able and good we will become at WHAT we choose…and then feel, creating an emotion that will thus create our lives.
For every choice produces a state of BEING; always remember, we are not a HUMAN DOING; we are a HUMAN BEING….being whatever we wish to be IN RELATION to our life experience.
And THAT is how we truly keep well, not only regarding a virus, but about wellness in every area of our life!
Many blessings!

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