Realization # 172 – Money and Feeling Abundant



This is a reality that is created by feelings….something we were never taught. I remember being told I was ‘too sensitive.’ The message was that I was feeling “too much.” How many children’s feelings are pushed aside and discounted, instead of encouraged to feel, and to take care of those feelings through positive support, influence, and problem solving skills?

Many parents are not taught those skills when THEY were children, and as the saying goes, “the sins of the father are passed unto the son.”

Money is an issue that is so easy to remedy, when one understands that it is feelings that create either a lack or an abundance of it.

We see a person whom we feel is not very loving or caring; unkind and/or selfish to others, and yet prospers with so much money…and does no good with it. We witness others whom are good people; kind and generous with whatever they have, and go through life struggling with their finances, feeling broken-hearted that they cannot do more to help others in need.

It seems so unfair, so many then question God, asking how can there be a just God when this happens so often? And the truth is that God has nothing to do with it.

We are given free will, meaning that we have the same creation power as God, because WE ARE GOD, expressed in physical form. We ALL are God, for that is what our Soul IS. And the truth is that we get what we wish for, and we get what we do not. Why? Because we get what we FEEL, and the universe has no preference as to if it’s negative or positive…it will just keep giving us what we FEEL about a situation, because WE ARE THAT universe, in physical form. We have the same creative power, and we can create ANYTHING, and do…it just depends what we are choosing to focus on!

As Jesus, the Christ stated, “I and my brethren are One.”
It is because we are all ‘made’ from the same ‘stuff;’ God/Love/Energy. And meaning we all have the same power to create…anything.

It just depends on what you consistently FEEL about something.

Therefore, as Jesus also stated, “as you ‘saith,'” so shall it is. Feelings are ‘saying it silently.’

When we feel lack or poor, we literally call that experience of being THAT to us….and that is the plain and simple truth. When we complain that we do not have money, or that we WANT money, we can never have it, because that statement is saying we do not have it now, and the Universe, which is a feeling universe, creates THAT outcome for us to experience…more things to complain about, and more wanting of money.

A simple change in our feelings, will bring on a change in our reality.

Yes, it IS THAT SIMPLE. But remember, the very thought that you doubt it, will stop the creation of money, because to doubt means that you are questioning it appearing; feeling that it may not, and so it doesn’t. It all depends how much doubt you have and how much you can feel better about your money situation….if you can, it will improve. And it also will depend on how much you can feel abundant.

This is true for EVERYTHING; whether it is money, health, relationships, career…any situation that you are involved. And that is why the Christ stated, “fear NOT!” For fear stops thoughts of good health, money; good outcomes of any kind, for it tells a lie about us; it states that a bad outcome is the only and most probable, and that we have no choice or power to change it… And that is because no one ever told us we ALWAYS have a choice, because we are that powerful!

Why? Because we ARE GOD, expressed.

Now you may feel you do not have a choice in how you feel. And that IS the challenge. But remember, if you truly do understand how the universe works, it will inspire you to do so. And it is quite easy when you remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE! You are Spirit/God/Source…having an experience as a human being…for a little while.

There are many ways to correct your negative lack thoughts and feelings. Even if you must shout out loud, “CANCEL,” and immediately replace it with what you wish for and how you wish the outcome to turn out; if you do that enough, you will experience the one outcome and experience you wish to happen, and not the one you do not.

An easy way to start feeling good and to change your feelings is to find as much as you can to be grateful for and why. The reason is that when you feel grateful, you cannot be in a state of lack, and once on course of feeling good, do all you can to stay there.

How do I know this? Because I have done this. And as the Christ stated, “What I can do, so can you; and you will do even greater things than I.”

Blessed Be!

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