Realization #178 – Manifesting

I always thought that ‘manifestation’ meant creating, or bringing into our experience what we desire…almost as if by ‘magic!’ Whatever we desire, all we had to do was to visualize and that would manifest it!

Many feel that the “law of attraction,’ is basically that; some desiring, visualization, and it happens, but that is not the case in its entirety.

The part that many miss (or are not aware of) is that it is all about our state of being; of what we are deciding to be based on how we are thinking and FEELING. And many do not realize or think they have this power, but we CAN consciously choose our state of being.

How? By becoming and choosing to be aware of that which we are thinking and feeling, and if it doesn’t feel good, to re-focus our attention to what DOES feel good.

Awareness is the key.

I have come now to understand that manifestation is NOT about bringing to us what we desire (car, house, a person, etc.)….no nothing like that at all!  Many have it backwards, for they think that they will accomplish what they want by working hard, studying, sacrificing; that they will get what they want and they will THEN BE HAPPY….. just by DOING.

However that is only one third of creation! It is basically three-parts: thought, word, AND deed!

For to have anything we desire, we must feel good FIRST; feeling how it would feel to have it; to have that enthusiasm that we will get it and/or it’s on it’s way, and that nothing can stop it…. least of all, us!

Anyone who has accomplished their dreams, if they really think about it will realize that they didn’t know how it would happen, but that it WOULD! They were BEING what they wanted to experience, and the rest just showed up!

Manifestation basically means that whatever we are BEING; whatever we are FEELING, THAT is what WILL be made real/manifest in our reality/lives.

If we are “Being” poor in our thoughts and feelings, we will manifest experiences that keep us that way, and give us the experience of being poor. If we are BEING happy, we will manifest experiences in our lives that bring us happiness, and continue our state of being happy.

Manifestation is the experience of what we are BEING; nothing more, nothing less.

And THAT is the most crucial part of manifestation; our state of BEING!

We are that instrument, as we are both the creator and the created….we will continue to manifest what we decide to BE in every moment of our existence, which is forever and for all eternity. This can be horrible if we are BEING scared, mean, fearful, resentful, or feeling unworthy. It can be heavenly, if we are BEING joyful, in a state of peace, giving, grateful….Loving.

We are always creating; we are always in a state of Being…being something.  The important part of this is to decide to choose to be AWARE; to be conscious of what we are feeling and therefore, BEING.

Most are ‘unconsciously’ creating their state of being, thinking they have no power over circumstances and therefore, no power over how they feel or in what they choose to be in relation to any given situation. They instead feel that their emotions are something that just shows up…and they are correct!  But NOT because it is the only way; it is merely a LEARNED reaction, and CAN BE UNLEARNED through awareness.

All life experiences come to us through our states of BEING; they are then made manifest in our life experience…our reality. For as Jesus the Christ stated, “As you saith, so shall it is!” This also means as you FEEL and THINK, (so shall) it will show up in our lives!

Just think about what is now possible knowing this!

As Shakespeare stated, ‘to be or not to be…that is the question…’ To be happy or not to be; to be sad, or not to be…to feel fear or not to be that fear…to feel Love, or not….all is a choice, and therefore a question we MUST ask ourselves; meaning that we must decide to become aware of what we are thinking, feeling…and BEING.

The ‘Being’ part is where the manifestation begins and brings forth to us that life experience we are BEING.

So what are you going to decide to BE in relation to this writing?

All is a choice…… Happy Manifesting! (and I mean that LITERALLY!) 🙂

Many Blessings!

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