Realization #179 – 2020 – Perfect Vision

Realization #179 – 2020; Perfect Vision

So many are distraught; from viewing social media sites to various articles on the internet; on almost any social interaction, whether online, web searching, or personal interaction; many are besieged with our community lamenting over this year, 2020.

And aside from our experience of those in shock and negativity, we are having OPINIONS of what others wish us to believe pushed upon us at every turn; from media online, written articles in magazines and newspapers; television, etc, too many opposing ideas and information to choose from!

Where there were once ‘reliable’ sources, or so it seemed, now such reporting agencies such as FOX news (now taking the Republican’s stance; CNN – basically for the Democrat) ….everyone seems jaded to either one extreme side or the other.

Many tell us, it’s just reality, but what IS REALITY?  Many believe there is only one reality, but reality is subjective.  It really is ‘all about how you look at it!’

And we call that ‘perception;’ perception is how one looks at something; well, it’s NOW time to view this year DEEPER, to see the WHOLE picture of what is, and what has REALLY been going on.

For the truth of 2020, like perfect ‘2020’ eyesight…. is that this is a year of transition, and that always leads to evolution! And THAT means CLARITY!

The gift of 2020, yes, the true GIFT is that we all now have the opportunity to SEE SO CLEAR!

For one thing, many now see what is truly important; suddenly ‘rich’ people could not spend any money on material items or travel due to the quarantine….many realizing that their money, power, fame, really meant nothing if one could not use what they had amassed.

Children were taken care of by their parents, and brought closer with home cooked meals; many sitting all together for EVERY meal, and as a family, since both Mom and Dad are (and were) home with them. This was not the norm before the quarantine.

Couples spent more time together, and while not all families or couples enjoyed their time, still they finally ‘saw’ what they really have together, or a lack of, while others felt a unity they had somehow lost with their busy schedules, career centered focus, and with caregivers taking over parenting roles.

Fast take-out processed foods became a thing of the past as the standard diet for many; the constant putting off family time until a possible Sunday or weekend (usually those were also filled with so many outside ‘obligations,’ and separate activities) also stopped; how many had much or any quality time together…..until now?

Aside from families and relationships with others changing and/or improving, something even bigger than mere meals together or time spent interacting was taking place, and still is for many. It is that the enjoyment, the Love, and the unity of being together re-surfaced!

The joy of being unified with those we love is such a strong connection, and despite the physical medical ‘masks’ needed to be worn, there still is unity among us all, for we have banned together, a reunion has been created on many levels, with agreeing on one thing…..we are more compassionate with each other.

We ‘feel’ for the ones that have lost loved one more than ever, and we value those whose employment serves others, much more than ever before; doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are much more appreciated. We also feel for the people in other service oriented professions such as fireman, policeman, armed forces, pharmacies, etc., and those employed in restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Almost everyone is now required to be working all day with a mask on, which is extremely difficult, and yet they are there for their community; if we are one of the fortunate whom can work from home and only need to wear a mask  when we grocery shop, etc., many have come to value those whom are here to serve.

We have empathy for our dear children whom have been robbed of a birthday party, graduation, wedding, and especially for many fathers that were not allowed to experience or participate or in the birth of their child, nor to be a support for their wives during the birthing process, all due to the new restrictions of quarantine.

But something on a personal level of even greater magnitude, has now surfaced. Many are now addressing their own existence, moral views of gender, ethnicity, and most importantly, looking at our world and other countries in a different way….for they are turning within, seeking their own spirituality! And, for the first time, maybe ever, they are seeing all on the planet as one…because no matter where or whom you are,  all have been affected by  COVID-19, in one way or another.

For 2020 is a year that everyone finally ‘SEES;’ sees what our society has been, and many now see what they wish it to become, and more than ever, on global scale.

Transition, change, growth…evolution; for it is evolution of our race, our human existence, our ability to transcend into a better reality; that quest is FINALLY and APPROPRIATELY at the forefront for so many now!

There are those whom have chosen to ‘transcend,’ through passing on from the COVID-19; there are also those whom have now chosen to transcend through turning within to their own mission and reason for BEING, as many are now appearing to help and to be of service. Several are turning to understand and create a better Self, and a better life experience for themselves.  Still others such as Dr. Joe Dispenza’s GOLOV-20 meditation practice, and Gregg Braden’s new book, ‘Wisdom Codes; many other spiritual writers and Masters are showing up to be of service as well.

There are others whom have chosen to view this year as a horrible year filled with loss, stress, shock, and sadness, wishing it away…..but….

We do all have a choice. We can choose to Love; yes, even Love this year for what it has brought to us…which is CLARITY.

How to Love? It is a choice….all choice; one way is turning adversity into blessings, which is all about perception.

There are no coincidences nor mistakes; this year, 2020 is just that….as in 2020 eyesight, we can take this year 2020, and turn it into an opportunity to ‘see perfectly’ ……AND, TO SEE THE PERFECTION of this year!

We can choose to utilize the greatness of the Universe, and most importantly to trust that as Jesus The Christ proclaimed, there WILL be 1,000 years of peace. For this is a birthing of that glory, and to view this year with Love and with clarity; to view it as a gift. Reason being, the experiences of this year have, and are continuing to open so many eyes; for what we choose to ‘see’ is always our choice.

We can see the good, and choose to focus on the good; the awakenings, the family time; viewing our career as an opportunity to improve; making new choices; viewing our financials in what we really need, and what we truly desire; asking ourselves what do we wish to BE in relation to all of this?

Or we can choose not to.

To regain that power of creating a wonderful outcome to this year of transformation, we can choose
to be of service to others…..AND TO OURSELVES.

What do we really wish to become?

For this year has been full of gifts to help us all AWAKEN! And to what? To our good, to our truth, to the Love we Really All Are, and to spread that love to all.

It is also a time of SOLUTIONS! So many problems in the past that are now re-surfacing and are READY FOR A SOLUTION have appeared!

And that IS what we need to do; to focus not on the problems, but on the solutions!

Focusing on what we wish for, and not what we do not, that is all we need to do.

2020 can be looked at as the greatest year ever in the history of humanity, because it IS the Gateway to the 1,000 years of peace, and focusing on that, will cause it to be actually HERE NOW.

We just have to choose to experience that…and we do it by focusing on solutions!

Perception is all it takes….how are you perceiving 2020? It is, as always, a choice.

Many blessings for a truly magical and happy perception, and choosing the rest of 2020 to be a healthy and happy one!

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