Realization #18 – Spirit


The Spirit/Observer, who we Really Are, just watches, patiently waiting for the mind and body to have their way, until they are ready to have a ‘higher experience.” (Spiritual Experience equaling JOY, LOVE, etc.)

The Spirit will always allow the mind and body to have their way because IT (GOD) knows that mind and body is just temporary, and that only Spirit lives forever. So, we may go about our lives, eating the wrong foods, not exercising, having our addictions, and all the while the Spirit waits; patiently and Lovingly waiting for us to ‘return Home.” This could be in the form of passing on, or just plain ‘waking up,’ and experiencing the Grandest and Greatest Version of ourselves, in our physical structure…..Christed.

And in the end, we all go back to from where we came….Home/God/Love.

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  1. rachat de credit Says:

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

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