Realization #19 – Looking Deeper


The Lord’s Prayer, it is said, was the only “writing” or actual word that was left by Jesus when he gave his “Sermon on the Mount.”

It makes no difference whatever your religion may be, whether you believe or do not, the following is a version/translation of that prayer,that may help you today (that is the only intention):

Our Father whom art in Heaven (All Love)
Hallowed be they name – (Love is all that exists)
Thy kingdom come – (Help us to experience Love)
They will be done – (Help us live only in Love)
On Earth as it is in Heaven – (As the Absolute is only Love, help us to experience Love as is our natural state while in our physical structures)
Give us this day our daily bread – (to accept the Abundance that is always there)
And forgive us our debts – (help us to forgive ourselves)
as we forgive our debtors – (and to see everyone as connected – One Mind/One Spirit, as US, therefore forgiving them also)
And Lead us not into temptation – (keep us free from fear)
but deliver us from evil – (help us to always remember who we Really Are, being free of being anything less than that)
for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever – (All there is, all that matters, all power, all that ever really exists, forever, is Love)

Amen – (For All)

Does it matter the translation or whom gave it, if the message is Love? What really matters, the whole reason for being, is to decide what you wish to Be in relation to everything, everyone, and every given situation and experience. Some will embrace this translation; others may be appalled by an interpretation that dares to ‘interpret” it.’

The intention is only to make Truth simple….because the Truth IS simple.

It is time to awaken from this dream of fear, judgment, and sadness. Unless it is not. Only you get to decide.

Remember….it’s all choice. And what WILL you decide to be in relation to your life experiences today? Gratitude, happiness, Joy, Fear, Anguish, Condemnation… or Love?

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