Realization #20 – Energy


When one looks at the word ‘energy,’ we usually think of some mandatory science class we had to take in high school to graduate…either that, or we excelled in it, and understand it on a much deeper level. But in this context, it is used to broaden our knowledge of “who we Really Are;’ yes, WE are ENERGY!

If someone asked you, ‘who are you?’ you may reply in many ways. A boy, girl, man, woman, mother, father, etc. You may also start identifying yourself by your profession: doctor, nurse, teacher, technician, etc. But the truth of who you Really Are, is that you are Energy. And so is everything else.

What we know about energy (most likely learned from some high school science class), is that Energy never dies. It changes form, but is never extinguished. Energy also moves through everything, is IN everything, and vibrates at certain frequencies. (Now you probably by now, have some idea as to where I am going with this, if you have been reading this blog!). Therefore, WE cannot die, but we may ‘change form.’ We also vibrate at a certain frequency. Now this part is tricky, as we ‘vibrate at a certain frequency,’ depending on our moods, emotions, etc. In other words, how we are ‘feeling.’

Therefore, to feel good IS essential. And this is not about just ‘feeling good on a physical level.’ No, this is about feeling good, emotionally.

So, how are YOU feeling today? For how you FEEL is bringing you to a frequency that will bring you an experience. And everything on that frequency, you are ‘in line’ to receive, depending on your thoughts, and how intensified they become.

Feel good, and good things come; any other emotion is basically a take off of either feeling bad or feeling good…

…and as always, YOU get to decide.

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