Realization #21- Change


Changes are forever…eternal. Life is Change. So what do you wish to be in relation to the changes that have gone on in the past, are going on right now, and the possible changes that will come in the future? There are many states of Being; Sad, happy, victim, perpetrator, apathetic, intrusive, etc. We all get to choose.

What many do not realize is that your choices place you on a certain frequency. Yes, in other words, YOU place yourself exactly in a position to get MORE OF WHAT YOU ALREADY FEEL, depending on what you decide to BE. So, if you feel Sad, more experiences of sadness from this change will occur; if you feel happy, more happy experiences will come from this change; if you feel victimized, more experiences to feel you are a victim will come to you, etc.

Knowing that Change is Life is important. Deciding what you wish to be in relation to these changes, preferably ahead of time, will save you much heartache and trauma. Now many argue that changes come so quickly, and they merely are reacting to them; that they ‘can’t help it.’ Not true, for with each and every experience comes the opportunity to think before you react. Yes, we are use to ‘reacting,’ without thinking. In fact, most of us do this all the time, blaming our ‘reactions’ on our emotions (and of course, blaming others for our emotions that surface!). Some typical statements, such as, “I can’t help it…,” “I just reacted…,”It’s all YOUR fault,”… “It’s just WHO I AM!” etc., etc., etc.

These statements occur when one is ‘asleep” spiritually.. all incorrect; for we always have a choice. Yes things come fast, and so do our emotions and then our reactions, but that one tenth or so of a second can be prolonged to “think again.”

Practice makes perfect. No truer words have been spoken. We can all do this. It is a matter of deciding to Be Aware. And Awareness IS also a state of Being, and definitely, a choice, as is all of life. What do you choose in relation to this information? That, as everything is always up to you. Make that your priority; always LET it be ONLY UP TO YOU, and no one else.

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  1. peteygra Says:

    If I choose to grow,I have to change,and to change I have to have a willingness to do what I can, to be what I can be – and what is sometimes hardest – a willingness to be what I am.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yes, until we realize that whatever we choose to be is perfect for this moment…blessings, Ellen

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