Realization #22


How many of us say to ourselves, “I wish for this NOW!” And yet, we are not seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak. So many times we wish for something to happen, believing that IF we just had this person, place or thing, we would be happy, healthy, peaceful, rich, contented…and the list goes on and on. And yet, when it does come, oftentimes, we realize that it wasn’t THAT important, or more often than not, it really doesn’t matter to us at all; the excitement fading soon after it arrives. And well, when it does not arrive, we persistently think about how it hasn’t arrived; a perfect formula to ‘keep it away.’

From sexual attraction to buying some new clothes, we often want something immediately, and then, when we receive it, usually realize that we are no closer to our dreams of happiness than we were before. Sadly sometimes, even further.

It is in those moments, that we are forgetting that we are Spirit, not matter. It is in those times that if we only will remember that everything, everyone, and all Good comes exactly when it should, when it does arrive, we will enjoy it for what it is…merely something or someone to enhance us, but not to complete us, for we are already complete.

Now that is a hard concept to accept, especially when sometimes it seems things have been hard for so long, or one feels unhappy with their present life experiences for an extended period of time. There are those who claim they have never really ever been ‘happy;’ still waiting impatiently for that moment to come.

The secret to this is to remember that impatience brings more feelings of impatience, and more life experiences to feel impatient about. Like everything else in the Universe, all things come when they are allowed. Feeling impatience pushes what you wish for away, because you are feeling the thought of “I do not yet have it,” and the Universe, being a giant copy machine, so to speak, will then reply with, the same experience; in this case, ‘yes, you don’t.”

To allow into your experience what you wish for, what you are waiting for, you must ‘stop waiting.’ That means to ‘let go,’ and accept that your good is coming, and that you will experience it. It is on it’s way. It is here now.

Always was, always will be…World without end….Amen. For the truth is God is always, and always will be…World without end…and God is abundance, peace, happiness, and Love.

To know this, is to know God. And to know this is to experience a life without lack, patiently accepting all that is your birthright as a true reflection/Spirit of God.

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  1. Michah Says:

    Thank you. I agree with every word. All the things that we REALLY need we already have. The best teacher is the mirror. The best friend is our SELF. When we learn to LOVE ourselves truly, we enable the LOVE to come back because we can view the world in a positive way. Everything we see is beautiful because all is a our mirror of our reality. We literally live in our own creation. Enjoy it! Why not?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you are very wise…:)
    Blessings, Ellen

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