Realization #23


Everyone wants MORE…more money, power, time, material things, Love…Wanting pushes everything you WANT away from you….now that sounds scary, but think of what the word “want” actually means…it means “lack, wanting, in need…” In other words, when you ‘want’ something, you are basically saying to the Universe that you lack it, and the Universe will give you exactly THAT experience…the experience of ‘wanting.’

To create Abundance in our life, the first step is to become aware that abundance exists…all the time, all around us, and it is there when we ALLOW it to be our experience. Now, it is understood that we could look around us, looking at all the ‘evidence’ of lack, but that is someone’s else reality and experience; it is created by their thoughts, and the thoughts of the collective consciousness. In other words, an ‘illusion’ of a world that really does not exist, that is temporal, meaning, that it is appearing to be real, but will disappear into the nothing from whence it came.

What is real is God, the Universe, Love, and that is all there is, which means, all there REALLY is, all that will be eternally and forever; that is what Abundance truly means. If we choose to recognize this as Truth, then we know Abundance is always there, all around us, and it is knowing this truth, and being grateful for it, that brings it into your personal experience of your Life. Remember, it is YOUR life experience; therefore, be sure to only include YOUR TRUTH, and only yours. Reason being, many times, many times we allow others and their thoughts of lack to enter into ours, and then we produce lack by ‘default.’ Therefore, keep strong and positive in your personal beliefs and thoughts, and when or if others show up with their limited thoughts or expressions, gently bless them on their way, for everyone is on their own path to enlightenment, their own path back home to God.

How to begin? Once again, Gratitude..find something to be truly grateful for…it is the start of everything good….and the start of Abundance.

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  1. paula Says:

    amen…live in faith and not fear of what you dont have!

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