Realization #24


How many times have we heard the expression, “…you can’t see the forest for the trees…?” Oftentimes we guide ourselves into a dead end street, or so it feels that way. We plan and fret and wonder, “how did I get HERE?” We cannot yet see the end result of our plan or decision, and worry that we may have made the ‘wrong’ choices.

The reason we feel these feelings, setting a plan into motion, and then FRETTING ABOUT IT, is that we, so to speak, “cannot see the forest for the trees..” In other words, we do not know where it’s leading us; we cannot ‘see that far’ into the future, so we worry, when looking at the results at hand, that it may have not been a good plan, decision, etc. These fears do not come from us…they come from our ‘domestication.’ (For more information on this topic, a wonderful book is, “The Four Agreements, by Miguel Ruiz)

Now, getting back to the subject of DIVINE PLAN, we often have heard terms, such as, ‘cold feet,’ usually used when we are ready to walk down the aisle during that ceremony called marriage, or signing at a closing to purchase a home, pondering whether we should change our career, or quit that job we feel safe but miserable doing. All these changes in our life experience usually accompany feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, frettng, and indecisiveness. All those feelings are not necessary and show up because we are locked into our past experiences, or worst yet, someone else’s past experiences that we have heard about! We fear, fear fear….what if it (whatever terrible scenario you imagine or have heard could possibly happen) happens again, or happens to me…what if I am so sorry I took this path, made that decision, etc.

All worry only causes more experiences of worrying! The solution is to first of all, do everything you can to remind yourself of who you Really Are…You are a Spirit, having a human experience. You are Energy, the most Loving Energy of All, for you are the Spirit of God, created for the whole purpose of discovering and creating who you wish to Be, and it will always serve you to think and therefore, create the Greatest and Grandest version and vision you can of YOU.

How does this all center around the Divine Plan? What the purpose of this Realization is here for is to help you remember that you are always safe, you are Energy and cannot die, ever….you will go back to from where you came, and you will experience Life everlasting…was that not God’s promise, and has been, no matter what religious sect you belong to? Life everlasting, world without End…For God is all Love, and no other promise could be Love, except that one!

To help you “see the forest, for the trees..” simply feel as good as you can, always…seek something to be grateful for, even if it is just that you can read this page today, and your life will not only FEEL safe, but it will BE safe, and all your past ‘conditioning’ of worrying and fretting, will be gone, as it is in the past, and needs to be put to rest.

For when you truly remember you are Spirit, just having this human experience, you will be in Heaven, here on Earth; you will live as The Christ…being in this world, but not of it…and THAT is ‘seeing the forest for the trees..” In truth, every plan is a Divine Plan, for they all lead eventually, back HOME.

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  1. paula Says:

    beautiful my friend and so true… I am going to repost on my face book…..please

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much!

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