Realization #25 – Freedom

How many of us desire Freedom? Whether it is freedom of choice, freedom from pain, or freedom from emotional trauma or stress, we all feel this desire sometime in our lives.
We wonder how we ever got into whatever we are in, to cause this feeling of powerlessness, feeling stuck, (either with a person, place or thing), or the pressure of an unbearable situation; and we usually ponder, fret, or complain about it to everyone we meet…or decide to brew about it, keeping it deep within ourselves.

In either case, it will manifest in our lives, for our thoughts create whether we share them or not…they do, however, create faster when spoken aloud.

Either way, we are creating an outcome and life experience in our reality that feels as if we are trapped, and thus continue to desire Freedom.

This state of Being, this feeling of desiring Freedom merely causes just that…more experiences of DESIRING freedom, but not the experience of Freedom, itself. It, instead causes the experience of feeling trapped, or stuck. The only way to experience Freedom, is to Know you are free, always, and that basically, as the song by the band, “The Eagles,” states, in the song, “Already Gone,” ..’so oftentimes it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key…”

The “Key” is not thinking we have to make a decision to run, or change things, as many think; but rather, the “Key” is the awareness to deciding a different state of Being.

So many times, we go over in our mind how we can change our lives…live better, change partners, jobs, etc…get more money…in other words, “do what WE want,” and yet, when we ‘get there;’ changing that partner, job, etc., we usually end up still feeling that desire for change, for Freedom.

For the truth is, you are already free, and to experience that, you must view/observe, looking INWARD at what you are really Being at that moment….

Being What? That is for you to decide, and it’s always in relation to any given situation.

The truth is you get to choose, always, and what you choose to Be, determines just how much you will experience Freedom, or the lack of it…

….for Freedom, like Heaven, is truly, not outside of yourself, but Inside.

And once again, what is Inside, will manifest outside, and become your Reality…it is a Universal Law….hence, as within, so without.

Truly, Freedom, like Heaven, is in your Mind.

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  1. paula Says:

    always love reading your blogs my friend…dont know if you notice but i put a link to them on my face book since i hope they are helpful to some of my other friends!

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