Realization 26 – Divine Frequencies

So many times we feel “bad,” and oftentimes, and thankfully someone ‘cheers us up;’ literally they are raising our vibrational frequency into a higher realm, and we ‘feel better.’ What is really happening is that we are literally being ‘raised/uplifted’ into a different frequency, which produces a different reality/life experience.

We are Energy; Loving Energy, vibrating at certain frequencies….and in each frequency is a ‘world;’ lower frequencies bring lower, unpleasant life experiences; higher frequencies bring joyful experiences.

Literally, we are Energy, vibrating, going in and out of different dimensions according to how we are thinking, and then most importantly feeling. That is why, even though your ‘outside’ reality appears to look the same from day to day, people all around are living a different life experience (or world), than you may be. They are simply vibrating at a different frequency, which is calling different experiences to them, and setting them on a different course. In many ways, similar to a video game; each frequency is a different level, providing different situations and hence, different life experiences.

How many times have we had a ‘bad or good’ day? It looks like we are in the same ‘space,’ but we are literally not; we are, instead going to different “dimensions” or levels, that look identical but vibrate at different frequencies, producing different outcomes and hence, different experiences.

The easiest way to, therefore, change your life is to change how you are thinking, and most importantly, FEELING. This will change your frequency, and uplift you to a higher, safer, more joyful vibrational frequency, and therefore change your life experiences.

Gratitude is one of the first steps to help this frequency change, as Gratitude is the first step/level in the vibration of Love.

It is SO IMPORTANT to be feeling happy and grateful, ALWAYS, for as we feel, we vibrate, and as we vibrate…. we experience.

Therefore, our State of “Being,” is our Vibrational Frequency, and to Love,  places us in the Highest Vibrational Frequency of All, which is God. (GOD/LOVE are Interchangeable)

That is what all The Masters have always said and will always say; to Love is to connect to life, which is God, which connects to all Good and Abundance; it is to vibrate at a High Frequency that allows us to enter into what many call, ‘Heaven.’

And to do this for another, to help others feel Good; to Love them, helps raise them up into a higher frequency, for it helps their vibrational frequency to rise, and in doing so, also helps the one who is being Love, keep in that highest vibration also.

For what you do to others, you do to yourself. Why? Because there is ONLY YOU, as we are ALL ONE!

What the Christ said was true…”Love One Another..” For when you do this….

…….Heaven is truly “HERE NOW.”

And the statement, ‘Love is All You Need,’ certainly takes on a deeper meaning!



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  1. paula Says:

    amen sistah

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