Realization #27 – Observation


So there you sit, right in the middle of LIFE…hard, easy, traumatic, serene…or somewhere in between, or going back and forth from dark to Light…on any given day…maybe it’s time for an assessment of your thoughts.

So many do not look ‘within.’ They keep looking ‘outside’ of themselves, for some hidden secret that can make all the ‘bad stuff’ go away. They will do this in a variety of ways; everything from blaming others, to blaming themselves and going over every detail of how it all came upon them…from victim roles, to perpetrator, to victor…to self medicating through alcohol or drugs, or other addictions….it all plays out the same…looking outside of oneself, rather than looking within.

All that is needed to ‘look within’ is to pay attention to how you are FEELING. Anxious, scared, sad, grieving, depressed? You need to re align; for being on that FEELING frequency will attract more of all THAT.

Feeling good right now? Happy, serene, tranquil, peaceful, joyful? Those feelings will manifest more of those feelings…it is the Law of the Universe…so within, so without, i.e, what is inside attracts what appears outside.

Now remember, there is a time delay in this reality, so feeling bad or good will not instantly manifest until you keep those feelings going for a while….the problem is most of us fool ourselves into thinking, “hey, we feel good…how did THAT happen?” But the truth is, that on some level, even though you may be joking, smiling, and telling the world how ‘great your life is..’ on the inside, you may be feeling any of a variety of these: not good enough, not deserving of the good that has come, anxious as to when it will end, based on others thoughts such as ‘nothing last forever,’ etc. And one of my personal favorites that through the years, during my career in providing mental health counseling to patients, the syndrome of “I would never want to be a member of a club that would have ME as a member…” In other words, if you like me, then something is wrong with YOU, and therefore, I no longer like you…etc. All these feelings, sitting deep inside, simmering, and all the while pretending they are not there…they do, however, cause you to vibrate at a certain frequency, and those deep feelings are the vibrational frequency that shows up, no matter how hard you try to hide them.

Looking at your reality, you will see where you are vibrating.  So paying Attention is the Key to solving this and creating/mastering your reality, and life experiences.

The truth is that your feelings will eventually bring you where you are feeling….a nightmare or Heaven.

So how long do you wish to feel bad? How does it serve you to worry, fret, become irritable or feeling overpowered or overwhelmed? If you are having a hard time releasing those fears or emotions, the first step is to look within…in other words, do an Observation/Assessment  of your feelings. How are you REALLY feeling today? How do you usually feel right when you get into bed, and turn off the lights? What feelings come to you when you are all alone, with nothing to do and free of all distractions…how do you feel when you are alone with YOU?

Once you decide to  look at those feelings, you can then go about which ones you wish to change. Any fear based thoughts or feelings?  Then  search the root of the cause…if it’s from childhood memories, work on remembering that it is all ‘past information’ that was given to you, by other’s thoughts, feelings and opinions, and that is all it is. If it’s present circumstances, decide whether your reaction to it is based on past similar experiences, and then know that becoming the Observer of your experience places you at an advantage, as you cannot Observe it and Be it at the same time!

Your life experiences and situations are not  you….for you are pure, loving Energy, vibrating at whatever frequency you are FEELING, and those feelings turn into your life experiences…your Reality.

It is very Pure, very simple, and very easy to change, IF you DECIDE to give it your Attention.

The choice, as always, is to consciously remain grateful for all feelings,  for they are the KEY to freedom, and that is why a true Master is always in gratitude for every life experience…all leads to Enlightenment, and eventually, back Home.

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  1. Marilyn Barnhart Says:

    There certainly must be something to this, because since I made this recent life decision of mine and started looking only forward with positive and happy thoughts, amazing things have happened. New friends, other acquaintences who act better toward me, and even a new church which seemed to find me instead of the other way around. And finding that more blessings come (or are realized) when I have a grateful heart. Thanks, Friend!

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    – Lucas

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