Realization #28 – Reality Check

How often have we heard from others, or even ourselves….”get back to Earth; are you out of your mind? Come back to reality! Reality check!” What they are really saying is, “get out of your world, and come into mine.” In other words, ‘your dream doesn’t agree with mine…’
There are others whom are fearful, feeling alone in their reality and only feel safe if others join them, even though it may be a nightmare, or uncomfortable. It is what they are used to, conditioned to experience, or created on their own as a result of their ‘domestication/upbringing,’ in order to cope. Oftentimes, they may even ‘terrorize’ in the form of outright violence, threats, demands, and ultimatums that cause entrapment, feelings of powerlessness, victimization, or just downright fear.
Reality checking is useful in only one check to make sure that you stay in ‘your own reality.’ Which means, you do not allow others to intrude on you. No matter what their action, or how hard they try, become the Observer of your own Experience…meaning, stop and tune into ‘how you are FEELING at that moment that they are trying to bring you into ‘their reality.’
Feeling anxiety, fear, embarrassed, sad, etc? Anything not in alignment with Joy, Happiness, Elation, and Love, means you are not in the frequency that matches Love/God. Anything less is to be avoided by being ‘in the world, but not of it.’ At that moment, strive for balance by doing everything you can to think of something to be grateful for….Some call it ‘finding your happy place.’ Some call it ‘counting to ten…’ The best way to Remember that only your reality matters, is to remember that literally, only ‘YOUR REALITY CAN TURN INTO MATTER;’ in other words, what YOU think, and only what YOU think will manifest, becoming your reality….SO, ALLOW NO ONE BUT YOU TO CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS!
And that is what the Master, Jesus Christ meant, when he said, “….be in the world, but not of it.”
To be in the Christ Consciousness is to be without the need to intrude on others, nor allow the intrusion of others onto you.

Those who are choosing a state of literally “Being asleep, unknowingly, imagine separation, and then try to bring you into their world of separation/fear. Thoughts starting with gratitude will guide you back to your own Light, for when you are in the Light (the Realization of who you REALLY Are, a Spiritual Being of Energy called Love), you have no need to make someone else wrong, nor to control them, nor drag them into your Reality (that is, against their will), because you know already, that we are all One, and consequently, there is nothing we HAVE to do, nor make another do……..

…..For truly, what Blesses One, Blesses All.

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