Realization #29-Anticipation

How many of us remember the song by Carly Simon, “Anticipation?”
…all about not being sure what is going to happen; hoping, praying, fretting, and overanxious about a possible outcome, hope or dream. Sound familiar? Haven’t we all, or presently, been in anticipation over something, whether we wish for it or do not?

Impatience is something that is part of fear…False Evidence Appearing Real…we anticipate that we will be happy or sad, and cannot understand why we are even thinking about it..but thinking we do…over and over and over again, usually until we work ourselves into an ‘outcome’ that has not yet manifested in our reality…at least, not yet! Usually, when something then ‘shows up’ that we do not want, we actually wonder how it got there! However, if we examine our thoughts and FEELINGS prior to that outcome, we will realize that we indeed, did create it and bring it to us, good or bad experiences; your thoughts will bring to you what you are thinking or feeling…consciously or unconsciously!

Anticipation is healthy if it’s a “I wonder what is going to happen” attitude…quite another if the feelings are, “why isn’t it happening faster? When will it be here? or I don’t want it to come or happen,” etc…

On Earth, as we are here in this realm, Time appears to be real, but in Truth, there is only one grand moment, with different vibrational frequencies constantly in motion, and we are all vibrating to different frequencies that place us in different realms, experiencing our own ‘private’ realities. Therefore, it does not matter how much we ponder or fret or worry or anticipate about a possible outcome; in Truth, you and I and all of Life are making it up as we go along….so to worry or get going on a re-occurring thought that brings one around and around, just is a simple waste of  ‘time’ and energy.  Our thoughts will produce one of countless possible outcomes, as Quantum Physics has stated time and time again.

Whenever you ‘catch’ yourself (and that is a very good thing to become… the “Observer” of your experience) anticipating about an outcome that has not yet occurred, it may serve you to instead, picture/image the outcome of your desire; yes, literally, STOP thinking about how to get there, or what you can DO, and simply picture in your mind your already having it, and FEEL happy. Do this until you can feel elated, happy, joyful…then just release it to the Universe and do everything in the Moment of Now.  How? By ‘listening’ to that quiet voice inside (some call it ‘intuition’ or God), and do what you can in the Moment of Now to reach your goal/dream; most importantly, feeling GOOD while doing so.

It works every time, never stops working, and is fun, once you practice imaging/visualization because it is the purest way to create, effortlessly bringing forth the  Life experience you wish to have.

…And that is why the Master, Jesus said, “What I can do, so can you…” he said this because he knew the creative power of our thoughts, and the power of visualization.  When he was asked to heal…he simply pictured that person as the perfection they Really Are, and the illusion of ill health vanished immediately, restoring that Being back to perfection.

And, as stated…..”As Above, so Below”…what is possible through Love, is possible for All.



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  1. Marilyn Barnhart Says:

    Once again, dear friend, you must have been reading my mind!

  2. Socco Says:

    Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! 🙂


  3. Socco Says:

    yo soy deprimida …
    Have a nice day


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