Realization #3 – Feeling Stuck

“Loving provides a release.”

Feeling stuck with someone or something, or some situation in your life that you wish to see changed? Feeling stuck is merely focusing on whatever you do not want or wish for. Therefore, to change your circumstances (i.e. get unstuck), you only need to change “channels,” so to speak…in other words, change your Frequency. No need to ‘strive’ for a change through threats, getting upset, scheming, name calling, blame, etc….Instead, when you are truly ready, all one must do is to Love. This will raise your vibration and uplift you into a different Frequency, placing you literally in a different ‘realm.’ Your problems, circumstances, or people you no longer then ‘vibrate’ with, will either change or disappear from your reality.
Having a hard time Loving? It starts with Gratitude.

2 Responses

  1. JeffandKendall Says:

    To my 2nd mother,
    Beautifully written! It's always nice to hear your words. This blog is an excellant refresher of insights and wisdom!

    Love, K

  2. psychangel Says:

    thank you so much, my Dear One…I so much appreciate your comments!
    With Blessings and Love,

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