Realization #30- Failure

Failure…a word almost everyone avoids…many do not even like to say it aloud, for fear of it ‘sticking’ to them somehow. How many have received a red “F” on their paper in school, feeling that it was literally burned into their skin…no matter what anyone tells them, it still hurts.

Failure in life is an unbearable thought. Words such as ‘loser,’ ‘failure,’ ‘stupid,’ etc….all lead to one thing, feeling BAD. It doesn’t matter what the word really means, or even who said it, it cuts like a knife, and the wound seems never to completely heal. It’s almost as if the thought is burned into the mind, always there, like an ugly that doesn’t show from the outside right away, but as their life transpires, manifestation of problems and chaos in that person’s life attest to the label they received long ago.

It comes in the form of broken relationships, lost property, lost children, lost loves. These sad individuals oftentimes self medicate through drugs, alcohol, or other addictions, creating more situations to ‘fail’ at, and eventually just fade away, or run away, literally or figuratively.

Failure is a result of fear; first of all believing that it’s true, when it is not. No one is a failure and can never be. Why? Because everyone is an Energy called Love; a true reflection of God/Love/Life, and can therefore, never fail.

Anything that looks like ‘failure’ is simply a picture of a movie or story that is not quite yet done. A ‘leading’ to someone, somewhere, or something…a story not yet finished.

If one fails, something was still gotten from it, and that is…. …EXPERIENCE, for on a Soul level, evolution is always taking place and that ‘failure,’ that exact experience was needed, created and planned for by that Soul for it’s own growth, understanding, and realizations.

Therefore, no one can fail, no one ever has, no one ever does, and no one ever will. It is quite literally, impossible.

A true Master embraces all experiences and understands that they are sent for always the Grander Good of that individual Soul, and for all.

Truly what is good for one, is good for all…what blesses one, blesses all. Failure in one, is really an evolution for one, and therefore, Spiritual Growth/Spiritual Evolution for all.

For as the modern term states, it truly is ……”All Good!”

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  1. Marilyn Barnhart Says:

    A timely thing that we all need to hear in these difficult times!

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