Realization #31 – Remembering

Remembering….to re -member, or go back or re -unite…all words that indicate something you already know or some place you have ‘already been.’

How many of us feel powerless; feeling like we just don’t really know what to do, what to say , or how to do something? Some feel that we are on a journey to nowhere…always something to ‘get in the way…’ But we are on a journey, not to anywhere, or any place, but rather on an ‘inward journey’ that is the greatest adventure of all…Discovery of Self….for Being that Loving Energy, means that we already “Know” everything…we need only to remember, or as “Conversations with God, Book I,” points out, by Neale Donald Walsch, we have only to Re-Member…to get back to “who we Really Are..,” to remember THAT.

…And the best part of all this, is that we do not have to ‘learn’ anything, but rather, just Remember. Yes, remember who we REALLY ARE, which are Loving Beings of Energy;transforming, evolving, becoming more and more of our natural state, which is Pure Love, or rather, Re-Awakening, Re-Membering…becoming the Christed Beings we truly are.

This ‘remembering’ is sometimes done through a sudden life change/realization, or many small, more comfortable, subtle realizations that uplift the vibrational frequency, until Transformation occurs. In either case, once transformed, your journey continues, ever onward, to become more and more of your God-Self, actualized in Physicality.

This ‘remembering’ (not ‘learning!) comes from starting with, yes, the one simple step that we all oftentimes take for granted…Being Grateful, and FEELING GRATITUDE.

For the Whole Secret Key to Transformation starts with sincere FEELINGS OF GRATITUDE…and with that comes the Re Membering of our True Form…A Loving Spiritual Energy having a Human Experience….

The more we remember of who we Really Are, the more Heaven we experience….

For truly, Heaven is already here…we just must choose to Remember…and that too, is a choice.

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