Realization #32 – Wandering

How many of us have the ‘same day?’ In other words, we wake and go to sleep and each day is exactly as the last? Most likely, no one can claim such an experience!

Instead, we usually wake, either not knowing what the day will bring, dreading something we have to do or accomplish by day’s end, or get up with enthusiasm and excitement, only to be discouraged as our life that day doesn’t seem to unfold what we had hoped for….sound familiar?

Of course it is….and do you know why? The reason is that we do not chose the same thing each day! Yes, that’s right! Now at first glance, it MAY APPEAR we choose the same thing…but our moods change….we get up sometimes with a sense of purpose, and other times, with a sense of dread or indifference.

How many of us wake with a feeling of gratitude? Now, lets be honest with ourselves…unless you have been really focusing on being AWARE, chances are not many of us wake up, shouting to the Universe…THANK YOU!

So, we wake up, hope for the best, and go about “unconsciously’ creating our day…meaning, not really thinking about what we are thinking about….and then when things do not turn out as we planned, we blame everyone, and everything for things just not turning out ‘right’ (whatever THAT means!)

In truth, the first step to this ‘unconscious’ creation is to stop one’s mind from WANDERING. Yes, the truth is, if you really decide to become aware and pay attention to your thoughts, you may well find that you allow your mind to WANDER. If you wish for proof of this, and am not an avid person whom meditates each day, just try to meditate and see how many thoughts ‘creep’ in without your so-called ‘permission!’ It’s amazing just how much we allow our minds to wander.

And with that wandering, comes a life experience each day that CHANGES. And usually, not what we feel ‘we planned on.’ When in truth, we are basically given this ‘magic’ power (the power to create), and like a young apprentice, we do not know how to control this power (in other words, Our Thoughts!)

First step….upon waking, pause for a few moments to truly think of something to be grateful for; now this does NOT mean just going through the ‘motions.’ This means FEELING grateful, no matter what it is for. If this seems a bit challenging, then start out by writing a list, and each day upon waking, focus on that list, until you can really feel grateful, then simply let it go to the Universe.

Focus on your thoughts, and if that is difficult because there are so many sometimes, which seem ‘out of our control,’ then focus on your Feelings, for they will always tell you what you are thinking, just by how you are feeling.

If you are feeling scared, anxiety or ungrateful, then you are allowing your mind to wander, and with this knowledge comes your first steps to Mastery.

Remember, you cannot change anything, but your thoughts, but that truly changes Everything!

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  1. pell grants Says:

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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