Realization #33 – Surrender

Surrendering…usually always, in someway, implies defeat, failure, or losing. Because of these implications, many refuse to ‘surrender’ to God.

The meaning that is the topic of this Realization has absolutely nothing to do with any of those negative terms, for surrender in this perspective simply means ‘letting go; to allow; to accept; to release.’

In this context, Surrendering allows for expansion, growth, evolution, acceptance, freedom and Love. To surrender to God means to allow your ‘Higher Self,’ in other words, your Spirit, (which is Loving Energy/God) to live though YOU…therefore, accepting abundance, good health, happiness, wealth, peace, and most of all…Love.

For to surrender to your Soul’s highest choice, is to say, as Jesus said…

“Not my will, but Thine.”

That is the Highest Surrender, the most Loving choice one can make for oneself…for to allow/surrender to God, simply means to choose to have your Highest Good always brought to you, for your Highest Good, is always the most blessed, as it is completely of Love.

Blessed Be!

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