Realization #34 – Endless Second Chances

Mistakes….we make them, and usually make ourselves ‘pay dearly’ for them. We do this in many ways…self punishment, guilt, accidents, blame, condemnation, endless suffering, illness. And then, we oftentimes do the exact thing again! Constant repeat; constant stress, and then literally and figuratively, ‘kicking’ ourselves for our decisions/choices…again, and again, and again…….WHY DO WE DO THIS?

Once again, we do have “endless second chances.’ We secretly and most likely, unconsciously know we are really a Spirit, having a human experience. So we mess up time and time again, and the great part of all this is that we do literally have ‘all the time in the world!” Yes, that is true! We are on a journey that is really going ‘nowhere,’ or rather we are ‘now here.’ Same spelling, just a ‘different’ way of looking at the word. (Yes, this was in the Conversations With God series, by Neale Donald Walsch!)

The point of this topic is to bring to Awareness the truth of our Being; that we are Spirits on an Evolutionary Adventure, to decide what we wish to experience and to decide what we wish to be IN RELATION to that experience. There are quite a few states of “Being” to choose from….victim, villain, apathetic, angry, happy, peaceful, etc. What we decide is always up to us. We may blame others for our reactions, but in truth, we are entirely responsible for our reactions, and our creations, i.e., our Reality/life experience.

So, now that we live this every day, and in truth have ‘endless second chances,’ all it really comes down to is to understand that you can take the short way or the ‘long way home,’ and either way, it’s fine. It truly doesn’t matter, not to God/Universe. The reason is that there is really nothing else to do! WE are all experiencing our life in this physical form, choosing and creating and choosing and creating, and we get to do that FOREVER….forever and ever, world without end…Amen.

How then do you wish to spend this ‘forever?’ You can spend it having the same experience, over and over again…eventually, YOU WILL GET THE MESSAGE, and stop the suffering, unless you don’t. Some enjoy this over and over again, and then one day, suddenly they have had enough! At that moment, Transformation occurs. It may take a big thing to happen, or a million small ones, but we all do evolve, and eventually will reach The Christ Consciousness…The Christed State of Being, and in that moment, as Jesus and Buddha, and Allah, and all the Masters of Our World will attest to, you will live in this world, but not of it…you will live in perfect peace and bliss, and you will know the truth of who you Really Are, which is the most loving Energy in the Entire Universe….

…..the Loving Energy called God. You are this already….many of us just have temporarily ‘forgotten,’ (that is, until we don’t!)

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  1. Marilyn Barnhart Says:

    Thank you, Ellen. I aspire to one day “get it”!

  2. paula Says:

    love you!

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