Realization #35 – Nutrition

When viewing this word, ‘nutrition,’ our usual reaction is ‘food;’ however, in this situation, let’s use this word to mean ‘what is good for you…’ and you may ask, “what is really good for me?”

Most of us are aware of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ a book by Jack Canfield…basically to help us ‘feel good;’ A ‘nutrition’ book for our Soul…..However, so many of us do not feel good; anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, anger, fear, etc….all emotions that do not feel ‘good.’ And we muddle around, not really knowing what to do about it. Some self-medicate through legal and illegal drugs; others eat when they are not hungry, drink alcohol to alter their moods, gamble away their money, or just accept less in a job, relationship, etc.;  living in quiet desperation.

The sad truth is that they are altering their ‘creation machines,’ in other words, their brain. We use this organ to ‘think,’ and fooling around with this creation machine only complicates our lives, as our thoughts create our reality.

Many are not willing to believe this statement of thought; that we create our reality, and yet take for granted what is going on in the world around us. We sit at coffee cafes, surfing the net on our wireless laptops or cell phones…viewing pictures, listening to music, and not even thinking about the fact that these images and sounds are coming literally from the ‘air around us,’ and right into these ‘machines’ in front of us that we are viewing and listening from. THAT is considered the ‘norm’ for us…yet, when someone mentions that this wonderful organ inside our head can literally transmit energy waves/thoughts, that create our life experiences, it is looked at oftentimes with distain, disbelief, laughter, or just plain doubt/fear.

Quantum mechanics deals with these ideas. Most importantly, for those dear souls who are in need of some ‘proof,’ there is now evidence that our thoughts do indeed create our reality. If any has seen the movie, “What the Bleep do we know?” (available on DVD), or watched “Dr. Quantum’s slit experiment, (available on, these are just a few small examples of how this information is finally reaching the ‘masses.’

The point of all this is to inform; to help get the message sent that Masters have been giving for centuries; that we do create our reality with our thoughts; that there is an ‘Intelligent Formless Substance,’ some call ‘God,’ “Mind,’ “force,” “Love,” etc., and from this Substance comes all forms. And by thinking a thought, it is impressed onto this Invisible Formless Substance, and that thought, form appears in our reality. If you look at Nature, you will witness how this Intelligent Form pushes out it’s Thought to create trees, animals, and Us.

There is great power in this statement, for it means that we are the ones who can do this also, as we are also that Intelligent, Formless Substance, from whence we came; (and that statement is made clear in the Bible, when The Christ proclaimed, “I and my Brethren are One”; (we are all from this Intelligent Formless Substance!)….therefore, we can and do, create everything and anything. ‘Good and Bad,’ ‘right and wrong’, up and down; depending on how we are ‘feeling.’ Because many of us are unaware or have a disbelief about this statement, we usually, and unconsciously, allow our thoughts to ‘run wild;’ that is, without giving them a ‘thought!” We literally think all these negative thoughts; say all these negative statements; complain about our lives, start feeling ‘bad,’ and then wonder why things stay the same, or actually get worse!

We listen to ‘well meaning’ friends and family members, who also have no idea that THEIR thoughts are creating their reality, and we allow them to literally intrude on us and become, worst yet, our thoughts, and then we blame the world for our problems, when all the while we have the key to creating our life, and correcting errors/mis-creations.

To experience life is to go forward. It means to become the best you can be/evolution. If you do less, then you are not giving to your community, your loved ones, to God, and to yourself, for your true value and worth are immeasurable!  Therefore, to honor yourself is to honor God.

Nutrition of the Soul….good thoughts, good companionship, good books; in other words, we need to feed our Body, our mind, and our Soul. With what? With the thoughts of good food, good books/intelligent conversation, and good feelings. To think and feel less, is to experience less.

How to start? Nothing can come to you without gratitude, for  Gratitude tells the Universe that you have something to be grateful for, and the Universe will harmonize with that statement of thanks, and give you more to be grateful for.

The Intelligent Formless Substance will give you exactly what you think….for as we have heard somewhere,  many times before…

‘…for as you have asked, I have answered…’

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