Realization #36 – Stability

Life is constantly changing. That IS Life. Oftentimes we do not like change…it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Sadly, even when life situations do not feel good, we usually accept them, feeling powerless to do anything about them; changing them implies fear or doubt or it just seems plain too hard, so we usually resist it unless we have ‘no choice.’ (or at least many of us think that way; however, we always do have a choice!)

What we must realize (as stated in Neale Donald Walsch’s new book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything) is that when any situation in life becomes unstable, change WILL OCCUR. Change MUST occur for Life to continue.

Therefore, when change happens, it is ALWAYS for the good.

Stability is necessary for life to continue. Love is always consistent; true Love that is. Often we experience what we feel is Love, and then it ends, and we think Love failed us somehow. But if we are honest with ourselves, and look at the relationship objectively, it was never Love that failed, but merely the relationship became unstable, and therefore, change occurred. That’s usually when we say, “you’ve changed!”

This change could mean many things; an altering of behavior, temporary separation, divorce, or death. But some sort of change WILL occur! It must for Life to continue.

That IS LIFE. Life becoming more and more of itself….always bringing forth more life, therefore, more change. When one is feeling Love, true Love is always constant and stable. If a life experience or issue comes up that is ‘unstable’ or ‘inconsistent,’ somehow Love/Life will adapt, and a change will be the result. A Master knows this, and thereby always embraces Change with welcoming and with Love.

Therefore, never resist Change….it is ALWAYS for the Better, Always, in All Ways.

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  1. Pete Gray Says:

    My life always gets better when I adapt to change,i,m living,learning and loving.

  2. arkansascajun Says:


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